Odballs M.C.C.

Frozen Ballsup

23rd - 25th February. 2001

    The very nice man on the radio said there would be snow this weekend.  Considering the way the sun was shining Friday morning, I thought the very nice man on the radio was talking rubbish.  Maybe next time I'll listen to the very nice man on the radio.
    By mid afternoon, the trike and "dog kennel" was loaded up and ready to roll.  The glorious sunshine had by now turned into a threatening grey mass.  In keeping with Sod's law, the snow and sleet hit me just as I turned onto the M54, luckily, the snow only lasted for a few miles.  The snow may have stopped, but the wind was a problem - it slowed me down to less than 50 m.p.h. in some places.  Around an hour later I arrived at Wem and the first thing I noticed was a sign directing cars to a dedicated car park, as opposed to having 'em parked willy-nilly on the camping field.  A definite improvement on the 'Summer' rally, not to mention the fact that the field didn't get 'chewed up' quite so much.  Well done Odballs - I know cars are a "necessary evil" when it come to organizing a rally, but by keeping them hidden it does emphasize the fact that it is a *bike* rally.  Nice one folks, it certainly kept me from moaning............anyway......on with the plot.
    It didn't take too long to set up camp, which was a good job because no soon as I had finished pegging the awning down, the snow returned.


This weekend saw the maiden voyage of Roy's home made trailer tent.  At least the weather gave it a good testing, and, as far as I know, it passed with flying colours.
    Having fed, I headed for the bar - which always seems like a good move when on rallies.


    It seems another "computer junkie" was wandering around ;-)

"Have you seen this man?"

Click the pic, and as if by magic you will be transported to his web page.


    The rest of Friday night passed as all good nights should.  The beer flowed and the band,  "Ebenezer Weasel", if I remember correctly, played.
    By 'throwing out time', the clouds had vanished and an extremely clear, starry night promised us a hard frost by morning.

    Saturday saw the sunshine returning although the air temperature didn't rise much above freezing.  A few of us wandered around the stalls discussing just what you use an inflatable sheep for.  Maybe the Perverts in Leather would know - they were camped next to us ;-)
    One of our members, Kath, had just bought a Ducati 916, not the best of bikes for dealing with ice and snow, but Kath being either brave or barmy turned up on the 'Duc'.
Just to make life even more interesting, the snow returned on Saturday night.  I took a quick wander around, grabbing a few piccies.

Ducati in the snow.

Anyone for an Igloo

A rather cold seat. ?

    Having braved the cold taking piccies, I promptly headed back towards the bar, which always seems like a good idea.  Tonight's band was "The Accelerators", who certainly got the masses moving.  The barn / bar was packed - a damn good turnout for a Winter rally.

Sunday morning and the field was frozen solid.  Those who've done this sort of thing before got their bikes off the grass before the frost turned into mud.  Most bikes seemed to be starting without too much hassle, but there again, I noticed a few had "fallen by the wayside".  Oh for the joys of a kick start.
    I took the somewhat scenic route back home, and didn't have any problems with snow on the main roads - the salt on the M6 however, was a different matter.

    "Frozen Ballsup"  

"Frozen" - yes, snow and ice.
"Ballsup" - No, well not in that sense.  The lads and lasses of the Odballs M.C.C. put on an excellent rally - plenty of food, a fair few stalls to have a nose around, decent bands and disco and 'proper' toilets.  The lack of cars on the field was noticed and appreciated by folks other than myself.  The snow and ice made this into a rally that will be remembered - bikers are weird that way - just think of the rallies you remember with fondness, I'll bet something went 'askew' just to make life interesting.
    So, thanks to the Odballs M.C.C. for a great weekend - no doubt I'll be back to annoy you for the 'Summer' rally.



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