Munch Bunch M.C.C.  

Get A Life rally.  

August 22nd 23rd 24th & 25th.    

The plan was to travel to the Munch Bunch’s rally then continue south for the Crazy Buzzards rally.  Due to me being a wimp, and the weather being wet, the plan was somewhat altered.  It’s bloody typical.  The hottest, driest, sunniest days for years but it rains on the bank holiday.
 I arrived at the Walwyn Arms, in the extremely small village of Much Marcle, sometime Saturday afternoon.  I set up camp and went in search of beer & food.  The lads from the Munch Bunch were selling cans at 1 each.  Now that’s what I call reasonable.  The guy doing the catering was selling chilli and chips also for 1.  Cheap beer and cheap chilli.  I hope they have enough toilet rolls.  From what people told me the band was excellent.  I’m afraid I didn’t venture into the marquee to find out.  I don’t care how good the band may have been but I can’t stand volume for the sake of volume.  As they say "If it’s too loud.  You’re too old"  Well.  I must have been born old because I couldn’t stand too much racket even when I was younger.
 Even though this rally is held over the bank holiday weekend, Sunday saw most people packing up and going home.  The caterers went, but , fortunately, the toilets stayed.
 We decided to stay and have a meal in the local pub.  Seeing as we had already tried the grub the day before we knew what to expect.  What we didn’t expect was a packed pub that wasn’t cooking any food.  It appears there was a quiz night booked.  Perhaps people don’t eat when they are thinking?
When all’s said and done.  I enjoyed the Munch Bunch’s rally.  No doubt I’ll have another bash at it next year.     Thanks lads.


     Lone Wolf.  

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