Motorcycle Action Group.

Heart of England rally and "Brum demo" run.

5th - 7th July. 2002. 


Twenty five years since the first Brum demo run.  Was it really that long ago when I ventured out on my old B.S.A. Bantam ?  If nothing else, that run more or less persuaded me to join MAG - and I've been a member ever since.  Still - enough of all this, on with the show.
    Once again MAG returned to the Droitwich rugby club, which despite its rock hard ground, is an excellent rally site.  Nice and flat with all "mod cons" as they say.
    Friday afternoon:-   I managed to dodge most of the showers, and by tea time I had got settled in and went in search of food.  I didn't have to look far.  The rugby club was serving food at fairly reasonable prices, even if the beer was a little overpriced to me.  One of the snags with living in the Black Country is the relative price of beer - what passes as a decent price elsewhere, is classed as expensive where I come from.  Despite this minor niggle, I still managed to have a most enjoyable evening - as you do on rallies.

Saturday morning, and folks were getting ready for the demo run.   The start point was only a few miles away, so at around 11:40 I set off.  A fellow biker, Vern, who despite an operation on his legs, was determined not to miss the demo, so he ended up on the back of the tiger coloured trike.  I dare say he'll get over the experience - eventually.  By half past twelve, a fair few bikes / trikes / combos had lined up ready for the run.  Eddie Lowe and myself led the run ( seeing as we had a rough idea of the route ).  Incredibly enough, we didn't lose anyone, and turned up at Sandwell Council's offices in Oldbury by two o clock.  The usual speeches followed, which I'm sorry to say I had to miss due to other commitments.  The journey back to the rally site was a tad quicker than the demo run - sometimes motorways are useful.
    The rest of Saturday passed in a most entertaining manner - decent bands, good beer and great company.  What better way to spend a weekend ?
    The Heart of England rally went through a "bad patch" a few years back, but all that's history now, and this rally gets better each year.  I for one, will be looking forward to next year.



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