Birmingham M.A.G.

Heart of England.

4th - 6th July. 2003.

    Once again the Heart of England had a new venue.  This time it was yet another rugby club - almost the same distance for me, but at least the ground didn't warrant the use of a hammer.  Having booked in, I noticed a fair number of stalls selling all things bike related, but only one stall selling food, and although the food was decent enough, if you didn't fancy Indian, then you hadn't got much choice.  At least there was a tad more choice when it came to the beer, even if they didn't have any mild ( moaning old git, ain't I ? ).
    Continuing with the theme of change - the demo run this year went to Worcester racecourse, as opposed to Birmingham or West Bromwich ( I don't use the word Sandwell - it's a place that doesn't exist ).  As per normal we all met up outside the Rover car plant at Longbridge and prepared for the one o'clock set off.  The run  itself went very well indeed.  It kept a decent pace, and the marshals did a marvellous job of keeping the whole plot rolling along.


 It only took around one hour for the run to arrive at Worcester racecourse, where we had the traditional post-run speech, and that didn't take long either.
    Myself and Vern took the scenic route out of Worcester and headed back to the site via the cafe - food always seems a good idea at the time.  The rest of the rally followed the normal MAG theme - bands and beer, neither of which fell into the excellent category, but so what ?  Compared to Glastonbury this was damn good value.

    So ended another Heart of England rally - excellent weather, a most enjoyable demo run, minimal hassle . . . . so why wasn't there a bigger turnout ?  It always surprises me that a MAG rally held in the middle of the country during the Summer doesn't attract more folks.  Still - funny buggers, these bikers.




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