How to test the ignition switch.

To test, and actually "bypass" the ignition switch you will need a length of wire.
Now go and find one, and come back when you have got it.

Right.  Find the ignition coil (s).  One of the coil terminals may be marked + or CB or perhaps they aren't marked at all.  To be on the safe side, find the wire that goes from the coil to the points, then attach your "new" wire to the OTHER coil terminal.  Attach the other end of your "new" wire to the live side of the battery.  That is; the terminal that isn't earthed.

You have now bypassed the ignition circuit.  If the switch is faulty, the ignition light may now illuminate, however, you now have a direct link from the battery to the coil so the engine should run.

Check for a spark when the engine is turned over.  If there  is no spark at the plug after you have done the above, then it is the points, coil or plug that is at fault. REMEMBER. If you ride the bike home whilst the ignition switch is bypassed, the only way you can stop the engine is to remove the "link" wire. Your kill switch & ignition switch WON'T work.