Following what was a totally horrible { for myself } Friday, a relaxing, peaceful weekend was called for.  The place we had in mind was the "No Frills" pub.  This delightful place sits on the side of the Shropshire Union Canal and has no 'modern' facilities whatsoever.  True, there are beer pulls on the bar, but they are not plumbed in.  The beer is fetched up from the cellar in a jug, then poured into the glass.
    A dozen or so of us made the 30 odd mile trip, and by mid afternoon the barbecue was being put to good use.  Firkin, Pete the Feet and myself amused ourselves by spending the afternoon fishing.  A group of 'boat people' had gathered inside the pub armed with guitars and other such musical devices, so a good old sing along was the order of the night.

    Sunday morning and it looked like being the hottest day of the year so far.  What better reason do you need to go for a ride ?  I dragged the trike and 'dog kennel' back home and swapped them for the new "big red ugly bike" before heading off to meet up with Kath, Gaz, and Kim.  Seeing as the weather was  *so*  good we decided to avoid Bridgnorth and the cafe, which would be packed with both bikes and police. Ironbridge was the chosen destination. The world's first iron bridge. Resting in the shade below the iron bridge.

We just *had* to do the tourist bit and nose around the bridge.

Certain people decide that if the tourist bit is worth doing, then it was worth doing well - so an ice cream was called for.

Give it a damn good licking.  Ooer Missus.

This was my first weekend out on the "big red ugly bike" 

{ I really must find a suitable name for the thing soon }.

What's the "big red ugly bike" ?

Take a look below.

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