This Friday saw us heading up to the "Three Pigeons" at Graigfechan. This pub has been used for quite a few rallies in the past, so we had a good idea of which way to head. I set off at tea time, and called into the "Butty Box" to see Iona { or however you spell it } and have a quick nibble..........Dinner that is - you filthy minded perverts. I had hardly touched my grub before Gordon turned up, so following another cuppa we headed off up the Horseshoe Pass and on to Graigfechan. The poor Enfield had to struggle to keep up with Gordon's outfit, but we made the "Three Pigeons" by early evening. More and more Moonshiners appeared as the evening wore on. The party led by Roy managed to arrive by half past ten after getting slightly misplaced. This mishap turned out for the best later on when Kath won the "Long distance - Female" award.

Gordon decided a few photos were in order and whipped out his camera. So I whipped out mine and took a piccy of Gordon taking a piccy of me.

Watching me watching you.  "Look out - he's going to focus"  

The rest of the evening was spent happily drinking and discussing the plans for tomorrow.

The temperature dropped overnight, but not enough to cause problems. Considering the snow we had only four days earlier was still lurking at the top of the Horseshoe Pass, we were lucky weather wise.

Saturday morning saw us heading out to the seaside. That ovine star of "Wallace and Grommit" . . Shaun the Sheep decided to take a ride on the Enfield. I never realized that sheep could show terror in their expression.

Shaun gets all shook up.

It didn't take us long to cover the 23 miles to Rhyl, so we all assembled in the car park for a "club piccy".


We wandered around Rhyl for a while, grabbing some dinner, doing a little shopping, drinking the odd cuppa, doing the sort of things that are expected of you when at the seaside. Shaun found a few new friends, so we all popped into the pub to celebrate.

Shaun and friends............Oh look - - Kath's got crabs.


  I stopped off in Denbigh on the way back to get a new battery for the bike. The Enfield will run happily without a battery, but the light in my tent won't.

We returned to site just in time to cook dinner. Steak was the dish of the day, and I was assisted in the tasting by some kind of "Lesser spotted steak hound".

The very thing I was looking for - A dog's nose in my dinner.

Sunday morning, and the hangover monster had claimed a few victims. I took the scenic route back, via Whitchurch and the "Raven Cafe" There was a classic bike meet at the cafe, which meant queuing for the best part of an hour if you wanted anything to eat. Sod that ! I filled up with petrol, 11 litres used over the last 180 miles. This works out at a rather pleasant 74 miles per gallon.

Just for good measure, here's a superb Vincent outfit.

How fast does it go Mister ?


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