Three Spires M.C.C.
19th Mad March Hare Rally.
April 18th 19th & 20th.  1997.

This rally was held at Park Farm Barn, near to Castle Donington race track.
Now having been to a few rallies at this site I knew from bitter experience that the price of beer and food  would be extortionate.  I was not disappointed.  Good job I took a plentiful supply of  eatables and drinkables.  It was good to see that the organising club had beer on sale, although unofficial, at a reasonable price.  Thanks lads. 

The owner of the site had decided that a smaller field would be adequate for
motorcyclists to camp in.  Compact and bijou summed it up.
 The Friday night band "Twin Lizzy" was, as you might have guessed, a Thin
Lizzy tribute band.  Now I am not a Thin Lizzy fan but this guy sounded the part.
Having spent a while listening to the band I then wandered over to the control tent and stood round the fire bucket talking to folks I had not seen for a while.  The smell from the nearby drainage ditch was aromatic to say the least.
 Saturday morning was windy and cold, a typical British spring day.  I took a
ride to "Ye Olde Trip  To Jerusalem" at Nottingham, which is allegedly Britains oldest pub.  Having sampled a pint of  Britains oldest beer I wandered round Nottingham for a while looking in various camping shops in search of bits for my next project, a gas cooker in the mobile dog kennel.
 On returning to the site I found even less room than before, but it was not
packed enough to be uncomfortable.  The barn & bar was packed solid by Saturday night.  Sod this, I`ll stand outside, I thought.  It seems I thought wrong. 

It was bloody cold & windy.  This little problem was solved by "drinking on the hoof".  I wandered in & out, generally talking & drinking until bedtime called.
 The one good thing about Park Farm Barn in the huge Sunday market that is
held literally next door.  This market seems to sell just about everything, & it always has plenty of stalls selling food.  I was surprised to see a queue forming at the entrance.  I was even more surprised when they charged 50 pence admission.  The things people will do to make money.  Still, that's the way of the world I suppose.
Having fed and packed away, I took the somewhat scenic route home via Derby & Burton.  A pleasant 50 odd mile run, which certainly tested the new rear suspension set up on the Trike. 
 Another Mad March Hare Rally over.  Next year will be the 20th, I am looking
forward to it.  


     Lone Wolf.  

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