Black Country MAG.

"Sort of Xmas rally."

17th - 19th November. 2000.

    This was to be the first rally held by the Black Country MAG - they did hold a birthday bash earlier in the year which went down well.
    Tea time Friday saw me packing the trike and "dog kennel" and setting off on the epic 20 or so mile journey to the Royal Oak, a 'biker friendly' pub at Alveley.
The ride down was a total pain in the ass, due to what I took to be the carb icing up on the trike.  As soon as I came off tickover, the engine would die and would only pick up again when the accelerator pump kicked in.  You can imagine the fun I had trying to ride in traffic.  Binary throttle anyone ?
    It didn't take long before I was set up and heading for the control tent.
    Luckily the pub is high enough up not to be troubled by the nearby river Severn, which was running well above level.  The field at the rear of the pub had suffered
*some* water logging, as a tractor driver found to his dismay when his trailer sank up to its axles.
    The pub was smaller inside than I first thought, but we didn't exactly fill it to bursting - come to think of it - we all fitted snugly in one half of it.  The rest of the evening passed quiet amiably, with the raffle, an auction for a helmet ( Ooer Missus ) and some idiot waving a guitar around.  The bar closed around 1 a.m. so we wandered outside to grab a bite to eat before heading for bed.

    I set off back towards home on Saturday afternoon, seeing as I had a 40th birthday party to 'show my face' at.  Most of the Moonshiners were at this party rather than at the rally, but seeing as I had received the rally invite before I had received the party invite, I chose to do both.  The trike was still running as though the carb was icing up, but the weather was nowhere near cold enough to cause it.  Soon as I got the chance, I whipped the carb apart and found the pilot jet totally blocked.  Having cleaned the jet and refitted it, the trike ran beautifully.
    By 10 p.m. I was back at the rally site, only to find the catering van had vanished and the field had grown some deep ruts.  It seems the caterers had decided to head for a more profitable site, having only made around 11 on the Friday.  The ruts in the field were caused by two tractors trying to remove the trailer that had got bogged down earlier.  Still - it all adds to the fun.  The pub owners decided that they could cook breakfasts for those who wanted them.
    Once again, the bar didn't close until the wee small hours.  Having been ejected from the bar, we wandered over to the bonfire where a strange ritual involving an inflatable sheep was taking place.  Funny people, these MAG members ;-)

    Sunday saw us packing up and fighting the mud.  The field had been churned up good an proper by the tractor driving fiasco earlier.
    For a small turnout rally, it was a damn good weekend.  As far as I know, MAG didn't actually loose any money on this rally, but I bet they didn't make a great deal either.  As with all rallies, a lot of effort went into a "Sort of Xmas Rally", it seems a pity that a few more bodies didn't turn up..........but that's rallies for you !



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