Moonshiners Moving Pictures.

By means of the magic interweb thingy, we have been bought, kicking and screaming, into the modern age of computers.  

The video files are listed with length and size - so those folks with a slow connection can be forewarned. 

The above no longer applies - the clips are now hosted on Youtube.

So, without further ado - here we go.



  A steam train on the Severn Valley Railway.     1.7meg = 40 sec.


1995 - 1996

  The demolition of two blocks of flats - glad to see 'em go.  1.3Meg = 31 sec.

   Unplugged rally.   Ken, our club treasurer at the time - - - with hair.  1.5Meg = 34 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  Three men and a Panther.  2.4Meg = 56 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  Bagpipes in a confined space.  1.6Meg = 35 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  Adam gets trapped by the piper.  2Meg = 45 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  Wayne, from the Grubs, makes a roll up.  9.8Meg = 3 min 54 sec

  Unplugged rally.  Zak tries to drink, but the bottle never makes contact.  1.8Meg = 41 sec.


  Foxes rally.  Des and Phil in the silly games.  1.5Meg = 32 sec.

  Foxes rally.  Moonshiners feeding.  1.3Meg = 30 sec.

  Foxes rally.  Silly wheelchair race.  1.4Meg = 31 sec.

  Gallybagger.  Moonshiners on the ferry.  1.7Meg = 41 sec.

  Gallybagger.  An illegal alien, wearing green rubber boots, lands at Freshwater.  1.1Meg 21 sec.

  Gallybagger.  We go on a walk with Gordon - be afraid, be very afraid.  1.4Meg = 30 sec.

  Gallybagger.  Ruffty Tuffty bikers eating ice cream.  1Meg = 20 sec.

  Gallybagger.  Kella shows his battle scars     ¾Meg = 16 sec.

  Gallybagger.  A few Moonshiners take a ride out.  2Meg = 43 sec.

  Gallybagger.  Sizzle rides in on his Ducati.  1.3Meg = 30 sec.

  Gallybagger.  A bit of a rough crossing on the way back.  1.6Meg = 38 sec.

  Grubs rally.  Oh dear - Sam's trousers fall down - -  AGAIN.   1.3Meg = 30 sec.

  Holland.  Kev does a few deck exercises   1.4Meg = 32 sec.

  Holland.  Much moistness in the swimming pool.  1.3Meg = 29 sec.

  Woz Wolf rally.  A trike rides across the field & a few more trikes shots  2.1Meg = 48 sec.

  The Admiral Rodney, and a few of us are enjoying the warm weather.  1.5Meg = 33 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  Dave Male's Harley.     ¾Meg = 15 sec.


  Gallybagger.   Bucka tells us about Gurning.  1.2Meg = 28 sec.

  Gallybagger.  A man with a thirty four foot long willy.  1.2Meg = 29 sec.

  Gallybagger.  Kev attacks a sandwich.  ¾Meg = 11 sec.

  Gallybagger.  Kev's trike and trailer leaves the rally site.  2.6 Meg.  1 min

OK - so I didn't have a camera with me for two years.


  Ballsup rally.  Claude wanders off - toilet roll in hand.  2 Meg = 45 sec.

  Ballsup rally. Shamus O'Blivion and the Mega Death Morris men.  2.2Meg = 50 sec.

  Foxes rally.  The tent movers caught in the act.  1.3Meg = 29 sec.

  Gallybagger.  Kev, Kella, and Gordon - who sets fire to things as per normal.  1.9Meg = 45 sec.

  Gallybagger.  I spy Roy - and he spies I                1.4Meg = 32 sec

  Heart of England rally.  Ade Biddle's car engined bike.    1Meg = 21 sec.

  Heart of England rally.  Big Vern on his Bandit.          ¾Meg  = 16 sec

  A BSA Bantam at Ian's garage - much two stroke mayhem.    2.4Meg = 56 sec.

  The Bantam actually moves under it's own power  - scary stuff.    1.5Meg = 36 sec.

  Ian's  Suzuki.   Yes - he does ride bikes, and here's the proof.      1Meg  = 21 sec.

  NABD   The Firestorm jet car - first run.     1.8Meg  = 42 sec.

  NABD  The Firestorm jet car - second run.     2.5Meg   =  57 sec.

  NABD   A trike along the Santa Pod drag strip        ¾Meg  = 17 sec.

  NABD  Windy Miller takes his Penny Farthing down the strip.     ¾Meg  = 20 sec.

  Claude creates a monster sandwich at Stamford Bridge.    1.2Meg = 26 sec.

  Welland steam rally.  A rather jolly red engine.   1.6Meg = 37 sec.

  Welland steam rally.  The headline band - The Wurzels.        1.9Meg = 44 sec.


  Gallybagger.  The Moonshiners almost get fired.    1.8Meg = 48 sec.

  Gallybagger.   Gordon displays a fine piece of headgear.     ¾Meg = 16 sec.

  Gallybagger.  The old Wight Mouse inn - and a few ferry passengers.  2.6Meg = 1 min 3 sec.

  Gallybagger / West Bay.   Roy rolls up.      1.2Meg  = 27 sec.

  Gallybagger / West Bay.  Oops - Pete's in the shit again - - or his tent is at least.  1.5Meg  = 35 sec.

  Minehead - and we take a very fast train ride.      2.8Meg.   1 min 4 sec.

  Manx GP.  BANG - the advance and retard unit on Ian's bike fails big time.    1.8Meg = 41 sec.

  Manx GP.  Laxey Wheel -  It just has to be done.               3.5Meg = 1 min 19 sec

  Watching the hang gliders at the top of the Long Mynd.    1.3Meg  = 32 sec.


  A rather muddy Welland steam rally.     2.9Meg    =   1 min  6  sec.


  Gallybagger.  Claude and Kev roll up at Ventnor.     1.3Meg  =  30 sec.

  Gallybagger.  Pete's trike is suffering fuel starvation ( we didn't know at the time )  1.3Meg  = 30 sec.


  Autumn at the dams - and very nice it looks too.      1.2Meg = 29 sec.

  We take a guided tour of Kev's trailer.  Oh dear, I wish I hadn't asked.  5.1Meg = 2 mins

  "ICE" a video by Gordon - slightly speeded up to save bandwidth.  2.2Meg = 50 sec.

  Classic trial.  Arthur Browning on his Jawa trials bike.    2Meg  = 43 sec.

  Classic trial. How to fall off - and to make things worse - it starts to snow.  2.7Meg = 1 min 3 sec

  Classic trial.  Steve on his 350 Triumph twin.    ¾Meg  = 17 sec.

   NEC.  The new Bonneville - I do rather like this bike.      1.9Meg = 44 sec.

   NEC  The other side of the new Bonnie.   1.2Meg  = 25 sec.


   Bryn Tail.  A few trolls lurk on their bridge.      ¾Meg  =  19 sec.

  Bryn Tail.  Kev takes his loud coat over the bridge.   1.7Meg = 38 sec.

  Bryn Tail  Wacky Racers seen by the lake side.     1.4Meg = 33 sec.

  Bryn Tail.  Some ancient relics - and an old mine workings.    1Meg  = 21 sec.

  Catton Hall.  The bikes take to the arena.   1.9Meg = 43 sec.

  Catton Hall.   Inspired lunacy. . . .  Lawnmower racing.   I love it.     1.4Meg  = 33 sec.

  Catton Hall.   "That's the way to do it"  Mr. Punch meets the Devil   1.6Meg  = 38 sec.

  DOT gets a rev counter - what a sad life I lead.   2.2Meg  = 50 sec.

  Easter.  A creepy place ( I can't spell where it is really )  3.4Meg  = 1 min 21 sec.

  Easter.  DOT tackles the Devil's Staircase.     5.1Meg  =  2 min 2 sec.

  Easter.   Roy burns the toast.. ..  Claude burns a lot more.     2.5Meg = 59 sec.

  Easter.  Scenic view from the road above the dams.   2Meg  = 48 sec.

  February B&B.   Gord catches a few Harleys going over the dam.  1.5Meg = 33 sec.

  February B&B.  Roy feeds the local wildlife - much to Janice's amusement.   5.3Meg  = 2 min 8 sec.

  Thrash the living daylights out of that Guzzi.    2.8Meg.   =  1 min 4 sec.

  IoW.  We speed along the cliff road towards Freshwater.   2.8Meg  =  1 min 6 sec.

  IoW.  Kev cooks some lovely pig's tails for dinner.  1.6Meg  = 37 sec.

  DOT climbs Porlock Hill in forty seconds.    1.8Meg  = 40 sec.

  IoW.  We roll on the ferry - we roll off the ferry.  3.1Meg  = 1 min 15 sec.

  IoW.  Roy and Wayne on the boat.  1.5Meg  = 35 sec.

  "I saw the light"   A paraffin powered weekend at Newark.  2.5Meg  = 1 min

  I fit a camera to the front of the "Dog Kennel"  1.7Meg  =  39 sec.

  Manx GP.  The Ben My Chree comes home.  3.2Meg  = 1 min 16 sec.

  Manx GP.  Classic bike run from Port Erin.  1.1Meg = 25 sec.

  Manx GP.  The Guzzi passes the Drifter.   ¾Meg  =  16 sec.

  Manx GP.  Andy, meet George.      George, meet Andy.  1Meg  = 18 sec.

  Manx GP.  A touch of the wind at the top of Snaefell.  2.1Meg = 50 sec.

  Manx GP.  The Ramsey Sprint.  A very fast Harley.  1.6Meg = 37 sec.

  Manx GP.  A glorious sunset.  1.7Meg = 40 sec.

  We go deer spotting at Porlock.   1.3Meg  =  30 sec.

  Across the Severn Bridge at 120 miles per hour.  3.2Meg  =  1 min 14 sec.

  A fine Moto Guzzi Falcone at the Bacon Slicer rally.  3.3Meg  =  1 min 15 sec.

  A gathering of Drifters.  So much ugliness in one space ;-)     2.7Meg  =  1 min 2 sec.

  Unplugged rally.   Claude in concert at Bridgnorth.   1.4Meg  = 30 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  OK - who ordered the snow ?    4.7Meg  = 1 min 52 sec.

  DOT - in close encounters of the equestrian kind.    3.3Meg  = 1 min 18 sec.

  The old Wayside Inn - the venue of many a good weekend.  Alas no more.  2Meg  = 47 sec.

  Welland.  "Hot Pot"   Aeroplane engined pulling tractor.   I want one.   1.4Meg  = 34 sec.

   Welland.  Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop - bang - pop - pop - etc.   1.1Meg  = 25 sec.

   Welland.  Queens "Bohemian Rhapsody" played by a fairground organ.  9.6Meg  =  3 min 49 sec.

   Welland.  "All the way"  Another pulling tractor - with added smoke.  1.4Meg = 33 sec.


  First run of the year - testing the new microphone with the Guzzi.   2.3Meg = 57 sec.

  Fred Hill run - We join the M5 at Junction 2.    1.8Meg = 43 sec.

  Fred Hill run - DOT passes a few of the bikes on the M 42.   3.4Meg = 1 min 20 sec

  Fred Hill run.  -  We meet a prat in a BMW - no surprise there then.  1.9Meg = 45 sec

  RAF Cosford.  -  A look around at a few engines and aeroplanes.    3Meg = 1min 15 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  Claude arrives in style.         ½Meg = 11 sec

  Unplugged rally.  The Double Drat MCC leave in style   1½Meg  =  37 sec

  Unplugged rally.   Scary - real scary.      1Meg  = 21 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  Winner of the best bike award.      3Meg  = 1min 12 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  The Past It MCC leave in style.           1½Meg = 33 sec.

  Unplugged rally.  A train leaves in style.           3½Meg = 1 Min 22 sec. 

  Wistanstow bike show.       1.8Meg = 42 sec

  Why we call it the "Noisy bridge"           2.1Meg = 50 sec.

  A few bikes enjoying the roads around Elan Valley     3.8Meg = 1 Min 32 sec.

  " It came from the sea"  Claude the beachcomber.      1½Meg = 33 sec.

  The Dog Kennel gets packed away in under a minute.      2½Meg = I Min.

  A record number of "Primus" stoves fired up at once.      3½Meg = 1 Min 25 sec.

  The B.S.A. B31 goes home { or what's left of home }      6¾Meg = 2 Min 42 sec

  A Desmodromic valved BSA.    2¾Meg = I Min.

  Manx GP.  An Enfield Bullet lurking in the fog.    2¾Meg = I Min.

   Manx GP.  The sea cat goes out - the Ben-My-Chree comes in.    2¼Meg = 50 sec

   Manx GP.  The German version of "Wacky Races"    3Meg = I Min 14 sec

   Manx GP.  A very shiny Royal Enfield at the Ramsey sprint.    2Meg = 42 sec

   Manx GP.  The MGP Senior Classic - from the Gooseneck.  3¼Meg = I Min 18 sec

   Manx GP.  A  B.S.A.  Starfire lurking in the fog.    1½Meg = 34 sec   

   Manx GP.  A very loud supercharged two stroke.    2¾Meg = 1 Min

   Manx GP.  "I had one of those, but the wheel fell off"    ¾Meg = 15 sec

    We have an update on Mr Corbett's health  -  from Mrs A. Horrocks.     1Meg = 11 sec.


  Unplugged Rally.  Some kind of Whirling Dervish, or "Will", as we call him.    2Meg = 50 sec.

  Gurt Gallybagger.  A walk around the speedway stadium.   7Meg = 2 Min 30 sec.

  Klondyke steam party.  How to increase your carbon footprint.  1¼Meg = 28 sec

  NABD national rally.  The whole rally in a minute and a half.   3¾Meg = 1 Min 30 sec

  City of Truro - one of the first trains to hit 100 m.p.h. - although not here.  3¾Meg = 1 Min 25 sec.

Welland Steam rally.   "Vincent Black Lightning - 1952"  Murdered by Ukulele - not for music lovers.   11Meg = 4 Min 30 sec.

  Welland Steam rally.  "Country boy again" -  More acoustic torture involving a Ukulele.    6Meg = 2 Min 40 sec.

  Welland Steam rally.   Petrol powered pogo sticks - this is more like it.   3Meg = 1 Min 10 sec.

  Welland Steam rally.    A bird's eye view of the steam rally.  8Meg = 3 Min 8 sec.

  Hop and Barley rally.  A condensed version of events.    2½Meg = 1 Min 10 sec.

  After almost two years on the bench - the B33 engine runs for the first time.    2½Meg = 40 sec.


  The B33 runs with all it shiny bits in place.  2½Meg = 36 sec.

  I test my helmet cam - Newport to Ellesmere.  11 Meg = 4 Min 33 sec.

  The stream at Sparkhayes Farm campsite - from gentle murmuring to raging torrent.  3½Meg = 1 Min 39 sec.

  We meet Cousin Itt, from the Addams family.  856 K = 18 sec.

  Across the Wrynose Pass & Hardknott Pass in less than 7 minutes.  17Meg = 6 Min 45 sec.

  A brand new steam train - all three million quid's worth.    7½Meg = 1 Min 25 sec.


  Andy's Starfire working hard going up Newton Road.    2Meg = 20 sec.

  A vicious, snarling beastie, with huge great pointy teeth - doing what she does best.  2¾Meg = 30 sec.


  A wet and windy start to the year down at Rhayader.  1½Meg = 14 sec.

  The Drifter has a test run following an oil and filter change - Andy plays with the hand change.  1½Meg = 12 sec.

  The Mike Hailwood memorial run - We head along Bracebridge Street, past the Norton works.  11Meg = 2 min.

  The Mike Hailwood memorial run - Follow that MZ !  A quick bit in the middle of the run.  6Meg = 1 min.

  The Mike Hailwood memorial run -  The run ends at Tanworth in Arden. 8½Meg = 1½ min.

  Coming down from Hellfire Pass towards Lake Vyrnwy.  3Meg.= 30 sec.

  Crossing the dam at Lake Vyrnwy.  3½Meg.= 36 sec.

  The Big Red Ugly Bike, and its big red knob in action.  23Meg = 4½ min.

  The sun is out, and so is DOT.   29Meg = 5½ min

  Bruce Pollard's funeral cortege passes.  17Meg = 3¾ min

  Andy's "Starcati" performs at the Curborough sprint meeting.   5½Meg = 1min


  Once again we star the year with a weekend's B&B down at the dams - a very quick look over the dam in the mist.  ¾Meg = 14 sec.

  February sees the first snow of the year - and DOT gets caught in it.  14Meg = 4 min

  The Bantam's petrol tank changes colour, courtesy of Andy V.    2Meg - 29 sec.

  "Darwin" the Bantam goes for a ride around the block.  38Meg - 7½ min.

  "Darwin" takes to the water.   73Meg - 14½ min.

  The "Starcati", and a couple of other bikes at Darley Moor.   6½Meg - 1½ min.

  After three years, the B31 starts up . . . first kick too.       2Meg - 30 sec.

  The reason motorcyclists are getting injured on today's roads.  4Meg - 1¼ min.

  A rather cold day in December . . . . and a Suzuki GT250 runs for the first time in a while.  4½Meg - 1¼ min


  The first run of the year . . . . the B31 goes out for dinner.  44Meg - 12 min

  My first ride following my hip replacement.  4¾Meg - 1½ min

  The B31 wakes up from Winter hibernation.  17½Meg - 5 min

  Two "April Fools" go out for a ride.  35½Meg - 9¾ min

  I try a "low gain" microphone on the Guzzi.  5¾Meg - 1½ min


  The MZ ventures out in the dark  29meg  -  6 min

  April Fool's day - and this is what the B33 sounds like  3meg  -  30 sec.

  Joe Hill's funeral cortege  -  48½meg - 9½ min

  Testing a low gain microphone on the VW trike -  24meg - 5min

  The B33 overtakes a tractor  -  5¼meg - 1min

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