The National Association for Bikers with a Disability.

"You've been Nabbed - 12"

9th - 11th May. 2003.

    Being ever a glutton for punishment, I once again made a rather long-winded journey up to Melbourne, and the York Dragway.  I don't really like motorways, but at times they can be a necessary evil.   M6 --> M42 --> M1 --> M18 -->M62.  Due to some last minute road works, a slight diversion was needed, but it didn't take me long to find the rally site.  Oh dear, that approach road ain't got any better, but there again, it ain't got much worse either.  Seeing as I was a day early, so to speak, there was no one manning the gate - this didn't cause much of a problem, I paid for my ticket later on, once I had set up camp.
    I'd only been set up for a few minutes before two trikes, complete with trailers arrived.  Now seeing as these trikes bore an Isle of Man registration, I guessed, correctly it seems, that it must be Dexxie and Brian, plus friends.
    The next thing on the agenda was food - luckily I just happened to have a large piece of steak lurking about my person, which soon disappeared.  So ended Thursday night. 

    Saturday saw a few more familiar faces turn up, namely the Bikersweb infamous "Chaos Crew"  Don't know who the Chaos Crew are ?  Well click HERE and find out.
    As much as I tried, I just couldn't get "into" this rally.  I wandered around looking at all the different styles of bike / trike - I even managed to grab a few good quality tee shirts from the Buckle Mania stall, but try as I did, I just couldn't "settle down".  This is no fault of NABD, it's just one of those things.  Some rallies you take to, some you don't.  I decided the best thing to do was head back towards home, swap the trike for the bike, and take in a "local" rally for the Saturday night. 

    Don't let me put you off doing the NABD national rally - take a nose at what other folks said of it.  . . .  stolen shamelessly from the Bikersweb forum. 

Thanks nabd For an excellent weekend, (my 1st rally of the season) too many blurred memories, so I must have enjoyed myself. Even the magical mystery tour (sorry diversion on the way there) was interesting.

Wot a weekend............ I had a fantastic time, good entertainment(shittin bricks,top band & that aussie comic was well funny),good food(dinky donuts),good drink(way too much!)Great company and that firestorm car,wot a laugh,tried to get a light but it burnt mi face off!!!!!! ;o) Roll on next years NABD and a big thankyou to all the guy n gals who put the rally on,big respect to ya for all your hard work and forsuch a deserving cause.....

Yes, totally excellent do. Mucho credit and thanks to the NABD crew for working their bits off and putting on (as ever) a damn fine show.

     See what I mean ?  A great rally, but not my cup of tea - Still, there's always the Autumn Nabdness to look forward to.



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