25TH 26TH 27 JULY. 1997.

The thing that sticks in my mind about this rally was the pub they held it at about three years ago.  The Organ Grinder.  This was a very jolly little pub with the most outrageous gay bar staff you could imagine.  Imagine being served your foaming pint of ale by a cross between Julian Clarey and Noel Gordon.  Despite the staff "driving on the other side of the road" it was a great rally.
 This year, however, it was held once again at the Berkley Arms, which is between Worcester and Evesham.  I loaded up and set off on Friday morning.  Seeing as the weather was so nice I took a slight detour around the Cotswolds, arriving at the pub by mid afternoon.
 The band on Friday night was a strange affair called "I’ve just seen Roger"  They were supposed to play Irish Folk/Rock mixed with Cajun.  I don’t know if folks preferred a quiet Friday night or they just didn’t go for that kind of music but the night didn’t get going, as they say.  The price of the beer may have put a lot of people into shock.  1-80 for Banks’s  "Smoothpour" is a little steep.
 The brilliant weather on Saturday meant that I spent the day riding around the Malvern hills and Evesham, not returning to the site until late evening.
 Saturday’s band, "Reflections" played the kind of things that ralliests like.  They covered most "jump up and down" stuff well.  Very well.  I wandered about between the band and the bar, catching up on gossip from people I hadn’t seen for a while.  The night passed.  I went out to the catering van for a nibble (oo-er Missus) but found the prices were a little too high for my liking.  Perhaps they had caught it off the beer?  (See, they’re not all in Israel)  I settled myself in the dog kennel and had cheese on toast.
 There were only three from our club at this rally.  I don’t know why but it is a pleasant bash and not too far from home. 
 Having packed up I followed Gordon on his Reliant engined outfit back along the M5 for the 30 mile epic journey home.
 Thanks to the lads and lassies from the Navigation M.C.C. and I’ll probably see you next time.


   Lone Wolf.  

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