Oddballs MCC

"Ballsup rally"

28th - 30th September. 2001.

    The Oddballs seem to have bought their rally forward by a week or so this year, and, considering the rain we had last year, it seems like a good move.  The weather on Friday was most out of character for late September -  A tad windy, but very warm.  By tea time, the "mobile dog kennel" had rolled up at Wem and I was happily booking in.  The top side of the field seemed the best bet just in cast the weather changed and we had to brave the mud on the way out. . . as it happened, the weather was most kind to us this weekend with only a little rain on Saturday night.

    Friday night saw a few of us heading into Wem - just to examine the local pubs.  Wem seems to have more than its fair share of pubs, most of 'em being fairly good, which is more than can be said for the local taxi service.  After trying for nearly an hour to book a taxi, we gave up and walked back.  Well, those that didn't ride down to the town walked back.  Myself, being an idle bugger, had travelled down by trike and chose not to drink to excess.
    The number plate on a certain Drifter had me scratching my head.  "PURE SEX" it read - now I own a Drifter ( stop laughing ) and refer to it as " The Big Red Ugly Bike"  Now am I missing something ( other than the plot ) ?  Answers on an E-mail please.

    The rest of Friday night disappeared, as Friday nights on rallies should do.

    Saturday morning - late Saturday morning, and several Moonshiners emerged with hangovers.  It took around three hours to cook breakfast, and the amount of rubbish generated made our area of the field look like the local tip . . nothing new there then.
Having managed to finally cook and eat breakfast, we did . . . . nothing.  Just sat around in the sunshine and did nothing, well, nothing apart from wandering around the site looking at bikes, browsing the various stalls ( especially the "Biker's Mom" sweetie stall ) and generally relaxing.  By early evening we headed back into Wem once more - this time we were aware of the taxi situation and, despite trying to ' book in advance ' we ended up walking once again.  We decided to head back to the site a little earlier seeing as the evening's band was "Shamus O'Blivion and the Megadeth Morrismen"
    Now if you haven't seen Shamus, you've missed a treat.  This bunch of instrument wielding maniacs play music that certainly gets the rally going.
    Rumour has it that I was not wearing any trousers beneath my long black "flasher's mack"  I would like to put the record straight regarding this rumour.
" I did not have any trousers on "
The reason for all this ?
" Well, if that Scottish chappie has got nothing on under his kilt, why should we English feel left out " ?
I don't know if the above will be accepted as reasonable defence should the matter come before the bench, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Sunday morning - and one by one people emerge from their tents.  There is much talk of Paracetamol and greasy breakfasts - two of the most important foodstuffs in most biker's lives.  I headed towards Whitchurch, and the Midway truck stop, before heading back down the A 41 towards home.  Just for good measure, as I left the M 6 at junction 9 my gear change linkage came adrift - - slap bang in the middle of the traffic island.  It took a good ten minutes of wiggling around underneath the trike before I could find at least one gear and move out of the way.  Still, these little things are sent to try us.

    So another "Ballsup rally" is over. It seemed as though there was an even larger turnout this year - which must be a good thing.
The Oddballs have got an excellent site at Lower Lacon, complete with real toilets, showers and even a shop / off licence for those "little emergencies".  Even the portable toilets were kept clean and supplied with paper - well done Oddballs.
All that remains is to say "Thanks" and "Catch you at the Frozen Ballsup" all being well.



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