Over The Edge Rally – The Wedding .

29th April – 2nd May. 2005.

Sadly, due to personal circumstances, I had to give the Isle of Wight a miss this year - the first one I've missed over the last sixteen years. . . . . but at least the Moonshiners still made it down there, so, without further ado, I'll leave you in the more than capable hands of  " Kath 3 Dooks " ------->

Over The Edge Rally – The Wedding 29th April – 2nd May 2005

Those attending:

Moonshiners – Kath, Archie, Gord, Kim, Wobble, Alan & Sandra

Toads & Dogends – Kim & Duffer, Kath & Russell, Springer &  Kim

Others: Sizzle & Di, Ed, Mick & Russell

   Arriving on the Island throughout the course of Friday, we found that the campsite at Brighstone was surrounded in mist, but luckily we hadn’t needed the waterproofs on the way this year, something of a change we all agreed!   Partying started after everyone had set camp, with a 10 minute (Gord) stroll into Brighstone for a drink at the Three Bishops (arriving  an actual 30 earth minutes after we left the site.) The pub was OK but the food was even better, the Pizzas were really hot, weren’t they Russell!! Returning to the marquee to spend the rest of the night we were treated to all manner of visual feasts .

   Everyone did their own thing during the day on Saturday, with our paths crossing at various places, Most of our crowd returned to the site around tea time, just before Stan and Jane arrived and tied the knot, then of course, it was the wedding reception.

Stan didn’t wear that kit for the actual ceremony, I hasten to add!

The evening which followed included both pole climbing and pole dancing…


   Sunday, we awoke to find that a thick mist had moved in off the sea and enveloped a good part of the island, this and the pisspotical cyclists, who were out in force, made the ride to Ventnor more than a little interesting. Sunday lunch at the Thistle Café again, and some people were struggling to eat on account of alcoholic poisoning, developing from the previous evening .

   After filling up in the café we popped down to the classic bike show, but just looked around the car part as time was getting on (and it cost two quid!). We then tootled along to Shorwell to meet some of the others at the ‘trout pub’, actually called the Crown, we sat for an hour and watched the trout and the ducks, some pretty good looking grub was consumed too, before we moved on to the Three Bishops for a swift one on the way back to the site.

Tonight Stan and Jane had their going away outfits on and indulged on a spot of pole dancing for us .

  Well, when all is said and done I had a damn fine weekend, as ever.  Stan can put on a rally at least as well as he ever could, all that and organise a wedding too, not bad going.

First to bed Fri – Me & Russell I think (knackered!)

First to bed Sat – Kim & Duffer, Tipton Kim (not together)

First to bed Sun – Springer & Kim (but Duffer & Kim had gone home!)

Portaloo points 5/10 


Kath 3 Dooks.

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