Grubs M.C.C.

Ringstinger Rally

May 27th - 28th - 29th May. 2000

    Would you believe it - even more rain.  Why is it, whenever it rains, the British motorway system grinds to a halt ?  Having managed to 'sneak' away from work, it took me nearly two hours to make the twenty odd mile trip back from Stafford.  With the weather in mind, I decided the caravan and trike was the best option, so, somewhat stupidly, I hit the M6.  Big mistake !  There's nothing I *like* better than sitting in a traffic queue in the pouring rain.  Some two hours later, I managed to roll up at the rugby club.

    By the time I had set up the 'dog kennel' most of the 'Shiners had headed off towards the town.  I wandered over to the rugby club and booked in.
    The silly games were well up to the Grubs usual standards - I will never look at Malteasers in the same light again.  For some strange reason, a Mars bar appeared in my pint.  The finger of suspicion points to the Missing Lynx M.C.C.

    Saturday morning and the weather forecast said sunshine and heavy showers, so armed with a good supply of waterproofs we set off for Hinckley.  Less than mile from the town, the rain and hail hit us.  A quick stop to don our kinky rubber-wear, and we were on our way again.
    Archie, the secret "Custard Beast" managed to find a supply of egg custards.  Did he offer to share them ?  Did he Hell.


Sam and myself also bought some extremely 'loud' trousers, which fortunately for you, will not be displayed on this page.
    The rain decided to wait until we were within sight of the rugby club before hitting us with a vengeance.  We all rolled up with seconds to spare, then the heavens opened.  The wind managed to uproot a few tents, and would have uprooted the awning on the 'dog kennel' if I hadn't weighed it down with a few 'spare' kerbstones.  As quick as it came, the rain departed and the sun soon dried everything out.  It looks like these weather forecasts are getting more accurate.
    Once again, a fair few of our lot headed for the town - pity really - they missed the strippers, or "adult entertainment" as the rally invite called them.  What do you mean ?  Where are the pictures ?  Sorry folks, this is a 'respectable' web site, besides, I missed the strippers as well.
   One of our members, "Sam the Pram" { no - don't ask } managed to win the 'grot bike' award.


It seems the dreaded 'beer monster' struck during the night.  For a modest fee I will not reveal the name of the person who crawled into the 'wrong' tent, managed to destroy a frying pan, and left his tankard at the 'scene of the crime'.

    The 'Shiners have been doing the Grub's rallies for a few years  now.  It's one of those things that just *have* to be done.  Always a good rally, never any hassle, the local townspeople welcome us.  The "Ringstinger" is a guaranteed *never miss it* rally for our club, so thanks once again to the lads and lasses of the Grubs Rally Club.



Lone Wolf.

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