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Ringstinger Rally

18th - 20th May. 2001

    Here we are again, another "Ringstinger" is upon us.  Just for a change, I decided to use two wheels rather than three - yep - the "Big Red Ugly Bike" makes an appearance.  Having now fitted a screen to the B.R.U.B motorway travel is somewhat easier.  I had another reason to be glad of the screen - a bloody great brick came bouncing down the motorway and hit the B.R.U.B on the front mudguard and, by the sound of it, the next stop was the screen.  The mudguard suffered a rather deep gouge, but being plastic there was no 'paint damage'.  The rest of the journey went without further mishap, and before long I had got the tent set up.
    With all this foot and mouth business we were surprised to see real live cows - as opposed to piles of dead ones ..... maybe things are looking up ?

Anyone remember what these are?

    Having braved the cows, the next stop was the town of Market Bosworth, which, for a small town has a fair selection of pubs.  The last pub we ventured to was just a little too packed for my liking so I headed back to the rugby club along with another club member, Ken.  As per normal, beer and food soon followed.

    Saturday morning, and Ken headed back home with the comment
"First time I've ever booked into a rally on the way out".

Ken sneaking away.

    No, there wasn't anything 'wrong' with the rally, it just happened to clash with a birthday bash, which accounted for the lack of Moonshiners this weekend.
    The rest of us headed out to Hinckley to grab food for later on.  Of course, we just had to pop into the local motorcycle shop where Mark managed to get a new helmet for a reasonable 30.  I ogled the 1500cc version of the B.R.U.B - in black of all colours, and very nice it looked too.
    Having fed, the next stop was the rugby club.  I met up with a few members of the Missing Lynx MCC whom I hadn't seen for a while. 

Hello Jim.

    There seemed a definite lack of bodies in the club - turnout was down this year for some reason.
    The indoor 'silly games' started, and, like a fool, I entered the eating contest.  I will never be able to eat Ryvita again. -  having said that, I still managed to scoff three of the buggers in the shortest time.  There's some use in being a fat bastard I suppose.  The female eating contest was next - so I positioned myself near the front.  Not a wise move.

It all started so innocently.

The contestants were chomping away merrily, when one of 'em suddenly went feral, and attacked, with wild, gnashing jaws.  I only just managed to escape a similar fate to the dry Weetabix.  Scary, to say the least.

What a vicious looking brute.

    Butch, one of the Foxes MCC members just happened to have his birthday this weekend.  Oh dear !  Out came the "yard of ale".

Now you see it - Now you don't 

    Nice one - it all went down the throat, rather than down the shirt.  I dare say Mr. Hangover will be paying Butch a visit shortly.

    So another "Ringstinger" draws to an end.  Not a spectacular turnout, but I dare say the BMF rally tempted a few, and that birthday bash took care of most of the Moonshiners.  I most certainly enjoyed myself, decent weather, good food, good beer and the usual Grub's atmosphere all combined to produce a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
Roll on the next one - thanks all you Grub type people - see you soon.



Lone Wolf

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