Grubs M.C.C.  

Ringstinger Rally  

May 21st, 22nd & 23rd. 1999.

Just for a change, the Grubs decided to rename their rally. The "Ugly Grub's Ball" is no more. This time it's the "Ringstinger Rally". So in keeping with the new name, I stocked up on curries and chillies, along with a good supply of Andrex's finest. A trip to the dentist on Thursday left my eating tackle in a somewhat delicate state, plus being on antibiotics meant that drinking to excess was out of the question. However, I can still have a good time without getting pissed.

Friday evening saw myself and a fair few others down at the rugby club. I like this site, not too large, decent toilets, a good bar, fairly flat and, best of all, there's never any "attitude" problems. I'm afraid I didn't do a great deal on Friday night. Ate my curry, drank one whole pint { I will NEVER drink a pint of gin again. :+) } and wobbled off to bed.

Saturday, and a few of the more "unhungover" of the Moonshiners headed off to Hinkley for a nose around. One of our members, who will remain nameless, wondered why his trike was having a little difficulty pulling away. He gave it a handful, let out the clutch, and then found what was causing the problem. His Primus stove was under the rear wheel. Oops. One squashed stove later, and we were on our way. There was a nice, well sorted and well used Vincent parked up in Hinkley. I like to see bikes used, not purchased as an "investment".

Saturday night, most of the 'Shiners headed down to the town of Market Bosworth, whilst I padded over to the rugby club and spent the night with some of the Missing Lynx M.C.C. For those with a strong stomach, and a little time to spare, the pictures may be found HERE.

Sunday morning, and the sun did shine. Time to pack up and ride the 40 or so miles back home. I enjoyed the "Ringstinger", even if I was *not firing on all cylinders* so to speak.

Thanks to the lads and lassies of the Grubs M.R.C. Catch you all on the next one.




Lone Wolf.

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