"Spring Romp."

Rally Review magazine.

Now sadly defunct.

13th, 14th March.

    As well as being the weekend of the Spring Romp, this was also the weekend of my fortieth birthday.  Yes, this world has had to suffer my presence for forty years.
    So what better way to celebrate than head for a beautiful part of the country on the new trike that I had just completed?
    This "new" trike, was made from the carcass of the Cossack outfit that I bought a few years earlier.  For the brave amongst you, click here for a better look at G.R.I.M.
    Seeing as my birthday was on Thursday 12th, I booked two days holiday in order to "escape" and celebrate in my own way, then carry on to the Romp.
    Grim ran well, if somewhat under geared due to the twelve inch rear wheels.  This little problem is in hand, so to speak.


    I arrived at the Gaggle of Geese, a delightful little pub situated a few miles from the Cerne Abbas Giant, down in Dorset.  For those innocent types who don't know, the Giant is a chalk figure cut into the hillside.  It depicts a club wielding gentleman, who sports a thirty-four foot long willy.  How do I know it's thirty-four feet long ?  It's best not to ask.
    It was good to see some of the "old faces" milling around in the pub.  This is one of those rallies that are more of a camping weekend, and I  mean that without any disrespect to Lez Lumps.  A day of sniffing around some of Dorset's finest countryside, followed by an evening relaxing and chatting in the pub.  It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it.


    Sunday morning and time to head North once more.  I travelled back via the Cotswolds, a year older but no bloody wiser.
    It seems that this was the last of the "Romps".  Despite sending out hundreds of invitations, only a "handful" of folks turned up.  This means that Lez was  having to fund the rally himself, the proceeds from the sale of Rally Review were not sufficient to cover all the costs.
    I will miss these small, informal semi-rallies.  Still.  That's the way of the world.



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