Shattersford M.C.C.`s

 "21st Anniversary Rally"

March 21st, 22nd & 23rd.  1997.

   The first I heard about this rally was at the Rally Review Spring romp, the
weekend before.  So armed with fond memories of earlier "Sheepnagger" rallies and a Kidderminster phone number, I found out where the site was.  The Horse & Jockey, between Bewdley & Cleobury Mortimer.  This was one of those pubs I must have ridden past hundreds of times but never popped in.  Soon put that right I thought.
 By dinner time Friday I had made the 28 mile trip and started to set up camp.
Seeing as the sun was shining I decided the wood burner could be left in the garage.
This later proved to be a mistake as the temperature dropped to about -2. 

Still, I've been cold before and no doubt I`ll be cold again.  The night's entertainment consisted of Honest John's disco and a couple of "young" bands.  The bands were far too loud and "modern" for old farts like myself so I wandered outside to have a look at this comet everyone was talking about.  I looked all over the field for a 500 c.c. Vincent single but couldn`t see one at all.  The only interesting thing in sight was a funny looking star with a tail.  Now there's something you don't see every night. 

The wee small hours of Saturday morning were spent sitting on old arm chairs around the fire.

And so to bed.
 I woke up and removed the ice from inside my mobile dog kennel.  By half past ten the air temperature was quite pleasant.  A trip over to one of my favourite cafes, near Bridgnorth, was called for.  Having fed I took a scenic tour of Shropshire's finest roads.  This was riding just for the sheer enjoyment of it, and I loved every minute.
 Saturday night and the pub had filled up well.  A few more of the Moonshiners
M.C.C. had decided to join me.  We spent an evening talking and joking with folks, as you do.  The disco & bands in the back room were doing all right.  All in all, a proper Saturday night.  When the pub shut, the scene moved to the camp fire once again, with folks drinking and singing and doing whatever folks do when they're pissed.
 Sunday morning.  A lot of people were playing "lose the hangover"  A lot of
people didn't know how to play, and so, took their hangovers home with them.
 We made a steady trip back to the cafe for a lard rich meal, and then took the
back roads that lead to the bowels of the Black Country.
 It had been a long time since I had done a Shatterford M.C.C. rally ( the
"Naughty Willie" was still a pub and not a nursing home) and I really enjoyed this one.
Roll on the next one lads.  Thanks. 

 p.s.  The aforementioned "Naughty Willie", or Nautical William, to give it  its
correct name, was the pub the Shattersford M.C.C. used for rallies until it was sold and converted into the "Mary Rose" nursing home.  I noticed, on the way home, that it is now boarded up.  Perhaps it will become the "Naughty Willie" once again.  One can always hope.


  Lone Wolf. 

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