Shatterford M.C.C.

Sheepnaggers 2002 - rally badge"Sheepnaggers"<<---------------- What is says over there.

22nd - 24th March.

    Following a rather "last minute" booking, at least nine of us were heading for Far Forest, and the Horse and Jockey - due to other commitments, I couldn't stay Friday night, but  went over to the site on the Big Red Ugly Bike and returned home later.  I had been warned about the field being a little "soggy" in places so, seeing as I wasn't camping, the B.R.U.B. stayed up on the pub car park, along with most of the other bikes.  Quite a few folks had turned up Friday, and the rally was going as rallies usually do - beer, music and the raffle.  Seems one of our lot managed to win 25 on the raffle, so " Get the beer in Pete "
    By around ten o clock, I had to make a move and head for home.  What a grand night for riding.  There was very little traffic, the weather was mild and, just for a change, I was on two wheels.

    Saturday morning, and after taking the B.R.U.B. for it's first MOT, I loaded up the trike and set off back to the rally.  All went well for the first ten or twelve miles, then the trike seemed to pull to the left.  I pulled over, and the cloud of blue smoke from the rear brake drum gave me a good idea what was wrong.  I checked the obvious - hand brake cable, brake pedal releasing fully, I even turned the brake adjusters fully out ( not easy when you can fry eggs on the brake drum ) and let the whole plot cool down for a while.  I decided the rest of the journey should be carried out with minimum use of the brakes - which isn't as bad as it sounds because the trike has excellent "engine braking".  I had just hit the long climb up the Bewdley by-pass when I spotted a couple of bikes at the side of the road.  Being of the "old school" of biker, I stopped to see if I could help.  It seems the Harley that was sitting by the roadside had suffered some kind of terminal transmission failure.  Sometimes, the mobile phone is a marvellous invention.  Having called the A.A. out to the stricken Harley, I carried on to the rally site.  I decided to set up camp next to a few other Moonshiners and went to swing the trike and "dog kennel" around.  Bugger !  I forgot about the soggy section of the field and promptly sank the caravan wheel.  A bit of pushing and shoving soon had it free - then the trike wheel sank.  Time to unhitch, turn around, get a better grip and drag the whole shooting match onto solid ground.  After all this hassle, I was more than glad to settle down and cook something to eat, before heading for the pub.
Hmm - now just what are they up to ?    Having seen the food prices in the pub, I decided cooking my own was a wise move.  I believe there was a catering tent outside on the rally field, but I never ventured that far, so I don't know what they were selling or what the prices were like.
    For some reason, two of "our lot"  happened to be wearing Dennis the Menace shirts - I don't know if there was some sinister reason for this, but knowing Gordon and Roy, they were up to no good. A Mini - Menace

    Sunday morning, and the plan was to head for the bike show over at Wistanstow.
    I missed the presentation of the awards on Saturday night, so was surprised to find we had won club turnout - another 7 or 8 Moonshiners had turned up after all.

Not bad - around 16 of us made the effort.

Club turnout award.

    It seemed the Shatterford M.C.C. decided Bucka's trike was worthy of a trophy too.

  You need a trike to carry the bloody thing.

Grot trike award    

Seeing as it was a 50 mile round trip, to Wistanstow and back, I decided to leave the "dog kennel" on site and pack away when I returned - besides, it's more fun riding the trike when you ain't towing.   The sun was threatening to break through the clouds, and it had the makings of being a decent day, weather wise. . . I managed five miles before I had to stop and put my hat and gloves on.  It gets cold on top of Clee Hill.
    My first stop was the cafe at Craven Arms, where I happened to meet up with a couple of ex-Moonshiners.  They had just finished breakfast, and  were also heading for the show, so I told them I'd see them later and wandered into the cafe.  Have you ever had that wonderful feeling, when you reach for your wallet only to find it ain't there ?  Yep - me being as forgetful as ever - - I had left my money back at the rally site.  Good job I hadn't ordered any breakfast.  Wistanstow was only a few miles up the road, so I carried on regardless - only to find they wanted 2-50 entrance to the show.  Luckily, they believed my story, and let me in after I promised to return and pay as soon as I could find someone to borrow some money off.  Salvation came in the shape of Dave and Di, the two ex-Moonshiners who were at the cafe earlier.  Thanks Dave - I owe you a tenner mate !

The Wistanstow village hall - infested with bikes for the day.    

The show was held at the village hall, a splendid black and white building that just typifies British village life.  In true British fashion, there was an array of delicious things to nibble on, so I continued with a somewhat belated breakfast before taking a nose at the bikes.  The one thing I like about this little bike show is the variety of machines.  From over restored, immaculate show pieces to "used every day" bikes.  There was even a just about road legal Manx Norton parked outside, which sounded glorious due to it's open mega.

They ain't all in museums - which is a "good thing"

Can I have a go Mister ?

    I spent a few hours looking / chatting / relaxing, before heading back over Clee Hill and packing up.
    The journey home was fairly stress free compared to the journey there - I whipped the rear wheels off the trike when I got back and found the brake cylinders were seized in the out position.  Time for new brake cylinders I think, and whilst I'm at it, new brake shoes and drums.  Spares for the trike are cheap compared to bike spares - -  but what price do you put on your life ??  I refuse to "save money" on brakes or tyres - they are the only thing between you and the road.   And on that happy thought, I'll end.  Another weekend spent doing what I enjoy, many thanks to the lads and lasses from Shatterford - see you around, some time.



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