Oddballs MCC

"Summer Ballsup Rally"


27th September - 29th September.   2019

   Now I had to miss this rally last year 'cos I'd had laser eye surgery on the Monday - the ticket didn't go to waste, I gave it to one of the club members who "drank on my behalf" and generally had a good time.

    This year my eyeballs were in good shape, so it was time for eyeballs to meet oddballs.   I'd just dragged the Dog Kennel out of the garage and hitched it up when the rain started.  The sort of rain which would have people building an Ark.  Luckily it only lasted for a few minutes, but that was enough to drop a subtle hint that maybe waterproofs would be a good idea.

    The journey along the M6 / M54 wasn't the most exciting of rides but at least the rain kept away for most of it, and by late afternoon I rolled up at the rally site.  It didn't take long to book in and find a suitable place to set up home for the next day or two.

Plenty of room - and the sun is shining.



Slowly but surely, the Dog Kennel gets assembled . . . . .and it ain't too long before the Black Country flag is flying.


Having set up, it's time for dinner.


    Friday night and time to head into the marquee.  I opted for a pint of Hobson's "Twisted Spire", which I thought was a tad steep at 3.50 ( + 1 for a plastic "glass" ).  Hmm, trust me to have left my tankard in the sink at home.  I found Twisted Spire a bit too 'hoppy' for my liking, so took a look at what else was on offer.  Sadly Worthington's Creamflow seemed to be the best choice - which was also priced at 3.50 - Sorry, but that's taking the piss.  Having said that . . . that was the only little niggle with the night's events.  The band, "5th Element" kept folks entertained and the disco was up to its usual standard. 

    Supper time saw me grabbing curry and chips, then heading back to the Dog Kennel for some bread and butter - might as well make a meal of it, eh ?   Whilst eating supper, I happened to be listening to the weather forecast for the weekend.  Saturday was going to be a bit windy, but fairly dry, and Sunday was also going to be windy, but with heavy rain.  I decided that I would probably pack up sometime on Saturday afternoon and dodge the rain . . . .and that's what  I did.

    OK - so this is only half a rally report . . . well I only did half of the rally.   It would seem that I made the right choice, 'cos Sunday morning was indeed wet and windy.   Anyroad - thanks to the lads and lasses of the Oddballs MCC for yet another cracking rally.