Grubs M.R.C.

   Ugly Grub Ball   

14th - 16th July    -    2006

    The Ugly Grub Ball has always been associated with the rugby club at Market Bosworth.  Now all good things come to pass, and the rugby club decided they no longer wished to hold rallies there, so it went the same way as all those places, that "those of a certain age" will remember :  The Moore Arms - The Hollybush and it's famous "Boskin Bar"  the good old Wayside Inn.  Not to be deterred, those determined Grub types found a new site - a site that had never before held a motorcycle rally.  Now that's a thought.  Can you have a rally site rally virgin ?  Anyroad - this 'ere site was a good ten miles nearer for me, making it at least twenty five miles away.  Looks like the long distance award ain't coming my way then.

    My plan was to finish work early, load up the "dog kennel" and make the best of Friday night.  So much for my plans.  I did finish at a reasonable time, but due to the hot weather, and the fact I was covered in warm hydraulic oil ( don't ask ) all I wanted to do was lie in a bath of cool water for a while.  Having recovered from the ordeals of working for a living, I decided to dig the Enfield out and just pay a flying visit to the site, and that's what I did.  A fair old few Moonshiners had turned up, with the promise of more to come later, and come they did - - - to the point that we won the club turnout trophy.  I stayed for an hour or so, then made a move back home - it was still warm enough to make riding with my coat zipped up most uncomfortable.

    Saturday, and the weather promised to be even hotter than yesterday.  I spent an hour or two fitting new oil cooler lines to "DOT" - the 2 litre Ford trike.  One of those little jobs that I had been promising to do for at least the last three months - that, and fit a new alternator, seeing as the current one has a terrible bearing rumble and is threatening to fail at any moment.    The oil cooler lines went on with no problem - the alternator was sorted out during the next week.   Time to load up the dog kennel and make the twenty odd mile trip back to the rally site - I had the sense to wait until the heat of the day had subsided a bit, and rolled up on site around nine o'clock in the evening.  The one good thing about the dog kennel is the lack of setting up - if I don't bother with the pull out extension, and just leave it hitched to the trike, then I'm all done and dusted in less than two minutes.

    Most of 'our lot' were listening to the band in the main room.  I poked my nose in there and the heat and noise drove me straight back out.  Those that were in there told me how good the band was, and how much they enjoyed themselves, but I'm afraid heat and noise doesn't hold any attraction for me.  I headed to the other end of the club where they had a "pub singer" for want of a better description.  Shall we say it was entertaining, for different values of 'entertainment' ?   The other odd thing was the wandering beer price.  Sometimes it would be 1-85 per pint, then the next time you visit the bar it would be 2-05 per pint, then it would revert back to 1-85.  I know this was the first rally held at this site, but the quickest way to make sure folks visit the off licence before visiting the bar is to put the price up especially for us bikers.  Still, even at that price I enjoyed a pint or two.  Now you may have noticed a lack of photographs - the simple reason is - although I had my camera with me, I never so much as took it out of the case, come to think of it, my banjo didn't get much use either.

   Sunday morning and the sun roasted most folks out of bed at some un-Godly hour, myself included.  Now seeing as I was already up and about, I decided to make the most of the day and head for the steam rally over at Much Marcle . . . . . and that, as they say, is another story.

I'm glad the Grub's rally has made a comeback - and I think the site they've found will be a good one.  Despite the heat ( I ain't a Summer person ) I still had a good time - so thanks to the lads and lasses from the Grubs M.R.C.  - as per usual, your balls give me great pleasure ;-)



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