17th, 18th & 19th March. 2000

Once again it's time for the Moonshiners to hold their "Unplugged" rally.

We decided to return to the site we have been using for the last three years. Most people we spoke to seemed to like the Steam railway, usually heading off to nearby Bridgnorth for the day before returning to a pub that has 'relaxed' closing times, if you know what I mean.

For some reason, attendance has been fairly low over the last few years, with only around thirty-six people booking in last year. This year, things were looking up, we had over fifty pre-book, so it looked like being a good rally.

By early Friday afternoon, a fair few 'Shiners had arrived and began setting up the various tents for cooking, booking in, and the like.


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Strangely enough, trikes outnumbered the solo bikes by about seven to one, that soon changed by teatime though.

That star of the rally, "HANGOVER CROCODILE" was spotted lurking above the aptly named 'Crocodile Cafe', just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting bikers.

Seeing as the Moonshiners have friends in high places, the weather was as kind to us as usual. Dry, not too cold and very little wind. We fired up the 'Crocodile Cafe' and soon folks were enjoying Kev's now famous curry. The tea and coffee, as always, was free. On the way to the pub, HANGOVER CROCODILE met a hedgehog. A case of one prick versus thousands.

Once inside the pub, folks did what comes naturally to ralliests and proceeded to drink. See how many people you recognize:-


This year we seemed to have quite a few 'internet' bikers, so no doubt you'll be looking at this and thinking "So *that's* what I get up to on rallies" Well, don't worry, your secret is safe with me ;-)

The awards were once again made by Gordon, one of our *senior* members.

Just for a change we gave an award for the first person to book in, who just happened to be Brian Williams, from 'Cotswold country'. The club turnout, and 'long distance male' went to those "Rusty Sprockets" who hail from Cardiff. 'Long distance female' went to Jill Saunders who travelled 208 miles from up in Yorkshire. The 'grot bike' or, in our case, "Croc Bike" went to Claws's trike, which he only managed to get on the road a few hours before the rally. Considering that Claws had a serious accident a few years back, and this was his first time back on the road, I'd like to say "Well done mate, and welcome ugly git" The best bike went to a chop owned by one of the "Munch Bunch M.C.C."

Sunday morning, and the sun soon shifted the frost that had descended during the night. Poor old HANGOVER CROCODILE was covered in nice frosty coat, not exactly the perfect conditions for crocodilians.

Another creature was spotted wandering around the site, begging for food, and that was George the swan. It seems George can't fly, and all the locals feed him. George is obviously no idiot, he managed to get most of the bikers to feed him as well.

To all those that came to "Unplugged" ..... Thanks. Without you, there wouldn't be a rally.

To the few, and I mean few, that came, didn't bother paying, caused minor hassle............Thanks also, it's people like you that make me appreciate the *real* bikers.......................don't bother coming next year 'cos you won't be welcome.

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