20TH 21ST 22ND MARCH. 1998 

   Although this was the third "unplugged" rally, the Moonshiners have been holding their "Bogsate" rally from 1987 to 1992.  The only reason we stopped having the "Bogsate" rally was the extortionate price of the site.   I only hope Sandwell council are proud of themselves.
 For this years rally we moved the site from Whitchurch, some 50 miles away, to Hampton Loade, only 20 odd miles away and with the added bonus of the Severn Valley Railway.  There always seems to be an affinity between bikers and steam engines.  The sight of these great monsters hissing, puffing and steaming away was certainly awesome.  Some of the steam trains were impressive too!
 By Friday afternoon things seemed to be getting up steam. (I think I’ve been standing too near the lines again).  The grub tent was up, the booking in tent was up and numerous little erections had sprouted up all over the field.  The pub on the site, The Unicorn Inn, had a rather pleasant habit of not closing quite on time, if you know what I mean.
 By early Saturday a few people were taking advantage of the railway and went for a scenic chuff into Bridgnorth.  At least this gave us a chance to organise the grub for later on.
 This rally is held along the "trad" rally lines with no disco and no band.  More of a glorified camping weekend really.  So, as they say, we made our own entertainment.   By 10 o clock the whole pub was involved in "sing a long a rally song"
        As well as our "cordon blurgh" cooking the pub did a fine trade in food.  It also did a fine trade in beer as several people fell foul of the dreaded Beer Monster.  By midnight we decided to fire up the field kitchen seeing as drunken bikers always get the munchies after 12 o clock.  Somewhat opposite to Gremlins.  Always feed them after midnight, let them get wet (with beer) and keep them away from bright lights, especially if they have hangovers.
 By 2 a.m. most of the little Rallytubbies were fed, watered and put to bed.
 Sunday morning and I was rudely awakened by a great belching, hissing and farting.  "Thank God.  Only a steam train" 
 Once more we manned the kitchen to feed the hungry masses.  Well, the 65 people who booked in.
 Having said our goodbyes we shifted into Womble mode and tidied up the field.
 To those who came. Thanks.  Hope to see you all again soon.


    Lone Wolf.

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