16th, 17th & 18th March. 2001. 

    Once again the "unplugged" rally sneaks up on us.  No matter how many times we say that we will be prepared, the rally always sneaks up on us.  Just to make things even more interesting, this year we have the foot and mouth outbreak, so you can imagine the trepidation we all felt as the day drew nearer.  Would the rally have to  be called off at the last minute ?   Luckily, as long as we kept off the local farmland, there was no problem with the rally going ahead...... so, without further ado - here we go :------> 

    Friday morning, and the weather didn't look to promising.  Considering the last few "Unplugged" rallies have had decent weather it was about time we copped for a 'bad' one,  at least the river wasn't flooded.  By dinner time I had rolled up at the Unicorn Inn and started to set up the lighting rig I had made for inside the control and cooking tents.  Maybe we can't call it "Unplugged" any more ?
The field was muddy, but not to the extent that people were sinking,  just muddy enough to be a pain in the grass.

Oh yes - it's HANGOVER CROCODILE again.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your tent . . . 

  Before too long, "Lil's Chuck Wagon", as the food tent had been christened, was set up, complete with that star from last year's rally - Hangover Crocodile.  Once again the ralliests were tempted by the delights of Kev's home made Balti, and very good it was too.  The tea, coffee and Bovril, were once again free - us Moonshiners are just too good to you lot !  After the feeding, comes the drinking, so we set off for the pub - as usual.  Fortunately for you lot, my camera managed to 'eat' three sets of batteries on Friday night, so not all that many embarrassing pictures will turn up. 

Is the vinegar really that sour -  Cheer up you miserable looking pair of basta - - - - - - .................................What a hat.  No - I said  "HAT" 

     Saturday morning and I felt decidedly ill.  I don't know if it was the beer, the weather, the bloody foot and mouth, or what, but whatever it was, I didn't move until around 9 p.m. - just in time to go back to the pub. ........ Will I never learn ?
    The evening passed pleasantly enough, with the raffle and the presenting of various awards.  I noticed one brave soul had travelled 215 miles to attend our rally, it's just a pity that medical science can't do anything to help such people ;-)  I've been asked not to mention the "Tart's Handbag" award so I won't - providing a certain person buys me enough beer.

Speaking of beer, take a look at this wonderful 'Hangover shot'

  And you thought *you'd* got a hangover.   It's things like this that make me consider giving up the drink.

"Never again"

    Sunday saw folks packing up and risking life and limb fighting the mud.  Generally, the mud seemed to be winning.  I wandered up the slope next to the railway and managed to take what almost amounts to a panoramic photograph. ..... of course, most of the ralliests had buggered off by the time I got around to taking this picture.

  Where have all the bikers gone ?  ( Sunk in the mud, most of 'em ) 

    Well, there you have it.  Another "Unplugged" over with.  Many thanks to the people who came from far and wide, despite the foul weather and the foot & mouth outbreak.  For what amounted to a "Winter" rally, we had a decent turnout.  Thanks also to Ken, the gaffer of the Unicorn for putting up with us for another year, and finally, thanks to you, for bothering to log on and read this rubbish - - - Now switch your computer off, and go out and get a life ;-) 




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