8th, 9th & 10th March. 2002.

    Is it that time of year already ?  Yes - the Moonshiners M.C.C. once again inflict us with their "Unplugged" rally.  Same old site, the Unicorn Inn, down at Hampton Loade, where the river Severn occasionally wanders into the field, but this year we were lucky ( again ) and the ground wasn't too bad.
    Now this year, due to circumstances beyond our control, as they say ( whoever "they" are ) we were unable to provide the much acclaimed Moonshiners catering.  We did  have the sense to warn the pub beforehand that they just may need to get some extra food in stock, and from what I saw, and tasted, the grub was decent enough.
    For the first time ever, I had booked myself bed and breakfast at the Unicorn.  This seemed a sensible idea seeing as I was transporting most of the tents, lighting, tea / coffee making equipment and the hundred other things that you need when organizing a rally, and after dropping that lot off, the last thing I wanted was a 27 mile trip back home in order to pick the trike up - - and even more so on the Sunday when we had to clear site.
    It wouldn't be the same if someone didn't get lost on the way, and this year was no exception.  A phone call from someone who we will call "Vic" to save embarrassment provided the first hint that someone just may be on the wrong side of the river.
" I can see an English flag - is the site near that ?"  Asked a rather worried "Vic".
"Yep"  I replied  "The site is right next to that - it's just a pity you're on the other side of the river.  See you in around twenty minutes."
    Quite a few folks had booked in by Friday night, and the usual banter and drinking seemed set to last into the wee small hours, as it normally does at this rally.  Maybe this would be an opportune moment to insert a few pictures.
    The doorkeepers - demanding money with menaces.
     Archie and Kella - taken root in front of the fire.

     My good self - lurking up the corner, as usual.

    Saturday, and the wind had picked up.  The local radio mentioned several roads closed due to fallen trees, but we seemed to miss the brunt of it, being sheltered in the bottom of the Severn Valley.  Having said that, a few tents got ripped, and the weather made things a little uncomfortable for wandering around.  Still, most people headed off to Bridgnorth on the steam train, and didn't return until late afternoon, which seems to be the "ritual" at this rally.   The rest of Saturday night followed the tried and trusted Moonshiners formula: -->> beer - raffle - beer - awards - beer - feeding - beer.  I can see a definite "beer" theme developing here.
    Just for good measure, and to fill up the page, here's another couple of piccies.

    The Awesome Foursome - L to R. Skip - Di - Me - Roy.

    Dave and Di - I shudder to think why Dave looks startled !

And so ends another Unplugged rally - who knows, maybe there just might be another one next year ? - - -  I *do* hope so.



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