A chuffin' good rally.

13th - 15th March.  2009

        Here we go again.  Time to gather things together and head out for the Severn Valley.  For some reason, one half of the club doesn't seem to be meeting at the same time and place as the other half of the club.  As you can imagine, this created a few "logistical problems" as they call 'em - or complete cock ups, as we call 'em.  In true last minute fashion, most of the necessary items were loaded into various vehicles and sent on their merry way.  The sun was shining on the righteous, and on the Moonshiners too, and before you knew it the field was filling up nicely.  We had our free tea and coffee, but sadly the cheese and ham cobs were lacking this year.  Ah well, they might just return for the next one, who knows ?

    Of course, our rally just wouldn't be the same without the steam trains.  Now had we been here the previous week, you wouldn't have been able to move for train enthusiasts, it seems they had at least four famous locomotives running.  To quote the local newspaper  We are expecting even more people today. Its busier than we expected, I think the weather might have helped a bit. More people are here than normal for the spring gala, it could be one of the best if yesterday was anything to go by. We were hoping to have about 5,000 people for the weekend, but were expecting more than that now.  OK - so you had over 5,000 folks - we managed around 130 or so. . .  and out of those 130, most of 'em caught the train into Bridgnorth on Saturday for a wander around.

    Friday night saw most folks chatting away in the pub.  I suppose that's one of the many good things about our rally - you get to see people that you ain't seen for the best part of six months or more.  Lurking in one of the darker corners of the pub was a shady looking geezer wielding a banjo.  Best to be avoided, if you ask me.

Friday night ran headlong into Saturday morning, as it sometimes does at these events.  We had a bit of hassle in the wee small hours - still, we didn't let it spoil the rally.

    What better way to start the day, than with a picture of someone's magnificent cock !

Right - having got that out of my system - on with the rally.  We decided to test out some "hangover proof" trousers.  They seem to work.

    As I mentioned earlier, most folks headed off into town during the day.  Some of us, mentioning no names, were also celebrating our birthdays this weekend.  Oh dear - we've clocked up 116 years between us.

    Saturday evening saw folks back in the pub again, this time being entertained by the ever popular Paul Snook.  Folks in the back room were being tortured by some banjo playing maniac again.  Sometime during the evening the awards were given out - in my usual manner I happened to be elsewhere, I'll try and update this page as to who won what, but don't bank on it.  I seem to think that Phil's ex-military BSA M20 won something, best bike, I think.  Whatever it was, here's a piccy of it anyway.

    Now due to that wonderful modern invention known as Email, it would seem I have some more information about who won what.

Club Turnout - those "Toads and Dogends", or "Toods" as we call 'em.

Long distance male -  "Moz" from the Toads and Dogends.

Long distance female - Sarah from Clive M.C.C. 

"Bike of the rally" - Phil's B.S.A.  M20

"Trike of the rally"  -  Steve's Reliant

"Rat of the rally"  -  A Yam FJ1200  { anyone got any more details on this one ? }

    Well there we have it.  Another Moonshiner's rally done and dusted.  The weather was excellent all weekend, despite having a new landlord, the pub coped with us, we had a good time with only minimal grief and the general consensus was that a good time was had by all.  All that's left now is to clear the field and take all the rally kit back home . . . . so until the next one . . . .  . .


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