Howlin’ Wolf M.C.C.

  Wobbly Wolf Rally.

  4th, 5th August. 1998.

 Just for a change I decided to use the Enfield for this rally.  Once again it was held at the Nottinghamshire showground, just outside Newark. I was at this site only a week earlier for the Woz Wolf rally, but seeing as I enjoy the ride, I didn’t mind going back to the same place.  It’s a good, flat, large site with all the amenities you need, i.e. a bar and toilets.
 I set the tent up and headed off into Newark to grab some grub and a few other essentials.  By the time I got back and cooked tea, the bar was open.  So without further ado, I headed in that direction.
 It seems I was the only one from the Moonshiners who was "doing" this rally, I don’t know what the rest of them were up to.  Before long I spotted a few of the Munch Bunch M.C.C., another club local to us.
 Shamus O’Blivion and the Mega Death Morrismen were giving it all they’d got, and a good thing too.  I quite like this bunch of inspired loonies.  Normal Morrismen have music with bells, Mega Death Morrismen have music with balls.
 All too soon it was time for bed.  No, the bar hadn’t closed, I was as full of beer as I needed to be, so off I wobbled.  Well it is the Wobbly Wolf rally.
 I awoke to the sound of rain hitting the tent.  "Oh bugger."  I had to get back today ( Saturday ) and the last thing I needed was torrential rain.  I started packing the tent from the "inside".  The idea being, when everything was packed I could throw it all on the bike, just leaving the tent itself to be rolled up.  By the time everything except the tent was packed, the rain came down even harder.  Time to "sit it out" for a while and let the rain subside.
 It was whilst sitting watching the poor unfortunates who were braving the weather that I noticed a horrible cold, wet feeling.  Yes, the groundsheet of the tent was leaking.  I threw on my waterproofs, rolled the tent up and loaded it onto the bike.
I might as well get wet riding, as sit in the tent getting wet.
 Good old "Sod’s Law" prevailed yet again.  By the time I hit Nottingham the rain had stopped and the sun was blazing merrily.  The rest of the journey was quite enjoyable.
 Another rally over.  It made a refreshing change to be on two wheels rather than three.
 It seems the Wobbly Wolf rally will be giving next year a miss, but it’s destined to return in the millennium, so, until then, I’ll be waiting.  



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