Not what you want to find when you come to adjust your spokes . . . . . as they say . . . Time for plan "B" .

Monday saw me doing a bit of shopping - including buying an air fryer . . . .  fish fingers will never be the same.

Tuesday and I made a start on putting the disc brake rear wheel from the Goldie into the B31.

Wednesday and the Bantam had a new LED headlight . . . musical mayhem was created in the Swan at Darlaston.

Thursday and I collected three new CCTV cameras - a little job for the future.

Friday and the B31 had the disc brake wheel fitted - it needs a little fettling to centre it correctly.

Saturday and it seems the B31 rear wheel is scrap  -  ah well, shit happens.

Sunday and the B31 went out ( with the original drum braked wheel ) for a little ride around the Severn Valley.