The Goldie sandwiched between two Royal Enfields. . . . .at The Bog visitor centre.

Monday and I fitted some new CCTV cameras.

Tuesday's most exciting event was a visit to the foot clinic to get my hooves trimmed.

Wednesday was a busy day - I built the B31 rear wheel, made a wheel truing jig and wired my CCTV cameras.

Then it was over to the BSAOC, before finished the night off playing the flute in the Swan at Darlaston.


Thursday and I rode a Starfire over to Great Bridge for a fellow.

It seems there may be a darts league using "our" room at the Tame Bridge. . . .not looking good.


Friday was spent looking at the aforesaid Starfire and making sure all was well.


Saturday saw a bit of fettling in the garage, then giving the Goldie the once over ready for tomorrow.


Sunday and it was the classic bike day at Hampton Loade station.

( But first a classic brekky at the Kabin, followed by classic coffee and cake at The Bog visitor centre)

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