A fairly mild and dry Sunday - so the car park at the café was full.

Monday and it was dentist time - all good - so I tested my teeth on a curry up the Spinney later on.

Tuesday and I get a phone call telling me a few from down Kington have tested positive for the plague.

Wednesday and my plague testing kit arrived - I tested negative.

Thursday and it was rather quiet at the club - due to plague victims self isolating.

Speaking of the plague - Simon Green, from the Black Country MAG has died due to Covid.

So take care people - I joke about "the plague" but it really is a serious issue.


Friday and it was a bit of Bongo fettling ( rear washer pump )

then it was up to the bank on the Goldie to deposit a cheque.


Saturday and I never even opened the door - ah well, these kind of days happen.


Sunday and I took the Guzzi up to Dartmouth Park for the service of remembrance

then it was off down the café for dinner.