A few of the plaques from Mill Meece steam pumping station  . . . . . well I wasn't up do doing much else.

Funnily enough - this was one week when I never even picked up my camera - and that's a first.


Monday saw the "Curry Club" descending on the Sow and Pigs.

Tuesday and I took a look at the wiring on a BSA Starfire.

Wednesday and I did a bit of soldering on the above Starfire.  -  then took a look at the wiring on a Suzuki GT 250

Thursday's exciting event was shopping.

Friday was another do nothing kind of a day.

Saturday and I headed for Tipton and my Covid booster jab.

Sunday and the effects of yesterday's jab hit me.

Felt lethargic and rough all day - so I never went down the café for dinner.

Spent a bit of indoor time sorting rally badges and such like out.