Only one thing to do when the snow prevents you from playing outside . . . . . .stay inside and play with fire.

Monday and I'd recovered from the effects of my Covid booster - so it was off to the Fiery Holes for a curry.

Tuesday was another do nothing kind of a day.

Wednesday and I took the Guzzi over to Litchfield crematorium to say farewell to

Dean Lunt, one of my old workmates from the days of H&C Lifts.


Thursday and once again not a lot happened - I blame the cold weather myself.


Friday and I braved the wind, taking the Guzzi up to Stone Cross to collect my drugs.


Saturday and I took one look at the snow and decided to stay indoors and get the fire lit.


Sunday and it was off to the café for dinner - in the Bongo - a bit too cold and icy for the bike.