Sunday dinner at the Food Stop Café  -  and a remarkably mild day for mid December . . . . unlike last Sunday when it was a good ten degrees colder.

Monday, and this time I remembered to go for a curry   -  the Spinney - and very nice it was too.

Tuesday and I went for a blood test . . . . only they told me they had no details of what they were testing for, so no blood test.

Wednesday and I shifted things from the back garden in readiness for the block paving to be removed tomorrow.

I popped into the doctors, and apparently they said I didn't need a blood test . . . . .so why did they tell me to book one ?


Thursday and the block paving was indeed removed.  I now have a back garden full of sand.

Hopefully it will be full of concrete by next Wednesday . . . . place bets now on whether that will happen.


Friday's exciting event was paying the bike insurance - the same price now for the last three years.


Saturday and the MZ decided to hold the front brake on - that will need sorting out.


Sunday and I took the MZ brake caliper off - it's all repairable.

Headed for dinner on the B31 - then called in at our rally site to make sure all was in order date-wise.