A rather misty Sunday dinner down the café  -  courtesy of the Bongo 'cos I don't like riding in icy cold fog. . . . . must be an age thing.

Monday was shopping followed by curry at the Sow and Pigs.

Tuesday's epic adventure was going to Stone Cross to collect my drugs.

Wednesday and the folks doing my drive didn't turn up . . . again.

Took the B31 over to Gornal crematorium for Simon Green's funeral.


Thursday was another do very little day.


Friday and guess who didn't turn up again  -  that's right  - my drive still ain't done.


Saturday and I moved my trailer and trailer tent back into the garden.

I can't see it the work getting done this year now.


Sunday and it was chilli and chips down the café  -  we went in the Bongo 'cos of the fog.

There were quite a few bikes there - possibly "left over" from the toy run earlier in the day.