Finally the blocks get removed  -  the sand gets flattened  -  the concrete gets poured and imprinted.    ( with some unwanted extras )


Monday and the guys turn up and finish my drive . . . . .with any luck there won't be any weeds poking through this lot.

time lapse   VIDEO  with a twist at the end.        I still had time for a curry up the Spinney though.


Tuesday and I turned a gearbox part for one of the BSA Bantam club members and posted it off.

Next job was fitting new front brake caliper seals to the MZ.


Wednesday and my drive was safe to walk on - so I hosed off the "release powder" they'd used when imprinting it.

Gave the banjo and flute a good workout over at the Swan later on.


Thursday was a day of rest - then bike club later on, as per normal.


Friday was  more hosing down of the drive.


Saturday - oh look, it's Christmas

Moved everything back to where it lives on the drive.


Sunday and it was one of those wet, gloomy, cold days -  so I stayed indoors.