Sunday March 12th.

So what's so great about March 12th, I hear you ask?

Well, for one thing, the sun was shining, it wasn't raining and it just happened to be my birthday - 42 if you must know.

A few of the more intrepid { insipid ? } Moonshiners decided to head for the seaside, as you do when the sun shines. Alas, we never made it as far as the coast, but we still had a good ride around. The first stop was Sid's Cafe, for a nice greasy breakfast. One greasy breakfast later, we set off. When I say "set off", I mean we got as far as the car park. My ignition switch decided to fail. No problem. A quick "wiggling of wires" and we were on our way. The M54 got us out of the Black Country and into the more scenic parts of the world. Petrol was needed, so we pulled in at Much Wenlock and filled up.

Sitting in the sun at Much Wenlock.    Left to Right.   Gaz - Roy - Kath - Joy.

As always, click the image for a full size, full colour view.

After filling up, we set off up the Burway to the top of the Long Myndd. This is rather an 'interesting' very steep road, but well worth it for the view from the top. The Tiger-coloured Trike on top of the Long Myndd. "Oh look.  Kath's got a Ducati"







  Left to Right.   Joy - Gilly - Kim - Gaz - Kath - Roy.  

Of course, no ride out would be complete without the occasional 'roadside repair'. The trike decided to play that wonderful game - annoying misfire. I whipped the engine cover off and did strange things to the carburettor, but it didn't seem much better. Great above 2000 rpm, but a real pig at anything less.

The next little game we played was called "Hunt the missing Moonshiners". Simple game to play, you just 'lose' a few members, then wait by the roadside until they 'phone and tell you where they are. Just to amuse yourself, try fiddling with your carburettor again. It seems the missing 'Shiners were at a local market a few mile down the road - so off we went to find them. Now this same market also happened to have a cafe, so true to form, we stuffed ourselves with assorted goodies. By now, time was getting on, so we abandoned the idea of hitting the coast and headed back towards home via the Clee Hills.

Thus ended another epic Moonshiners day out.

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