This page is devoted to the other things that the Moonshiners get up to.

There's more to the club than rallies you know.

Click the dog.

"Click" is a silly name for a dog.

"Err - Woof, growl, bark, and all that."

Pet food run.

Sunday 12th December. 1999.

Glen's last weekend at the Fox & Hounds.

Fox & Hounds. Stottesdon.

26th February. 2000.


"To infinity - and beyond"...........well - the Long Myndd.

The sun was out - so were the Moonshiners.

12th March. 2000.



17th March. 2000.

Yet another pub 'changes hands'.

Shady Oak.

25th March. 2000.

Jackies birthday party - and other things.

Jackie's birthday party.

7-8-9 April. 2000

A wet weekend in Welsh Wales.

Principle R.C. Easter camping weekend.

21-22-23-24 April. 2000

The first run out for "big red ugly bike"

"No Frills" pub & run to Ironbridge.

13 - 14 May. 2000


"big red ugly bike" rides again !

The "Engine and Tender" camping weekend.

28th 29th May. 2000

Much dampness in Wales

Run out to the waterfall at Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant.

Sunday 19th June. 2000

The 'Shiners get moist - again.

Yet another run out to the waterfall at Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant.

24th June. 2000

The 'Shiners indulge in a steamy weekend.

The Much Marcle steam rally.

14th - 16th July. 2000

Yet another weekend away.

The "Engine & Tender" once again.

18th - 20th August. 2000

Oh I do like to be beside the sea side.

Llwyngwril - by the seaside - in Wales.

26th - 28th August. 2000.

Food - bikes - interesting engineering - minimal rain....sounds like a good day out.

"Old Bike Guide" show

Whitchurch cafes

8th April 2001

Easter at the E & T.  Bloody cold though !

The Engine and Tender

13th - 16th April 2001

Once again, the Engine and Tender have to suffer the Moonshiners.

The Engine and Tender - again.

25th - 28th May. 2001


This is starting to become a habit.

The Engine and Tender - again.

22nd - 24th June. 2001


Rain - rain - rain - rain.   Did I mention the rain ?

Stanford Bridge - for a change.

29th June - 1st July. 2001

The 'Shiners indulge in yet another steamy weekend.

Welland steam rally.

27th - 29th July. 2001.

Bikeres and brass monkeys at Burton upon Trent

Burton MAG Xmas toy run.

16th December. 2001.

Easter - and not an egg in sight.

Easter camping weekend at the Engine and Tender.

Easter 2002

Beware of the flowers 'cos I'm sure they're gonna get ya, yeah


July 26th 2002

Gadding about in foreign parts

The Manx Grand Prix

August bank holiday. 2002.

M.A.G. has gone to the dogs.

West Midlands MAG pet food run.

November 30th. 2002.

Watch out for that bee - too late.

Rhayader & the dams

24th - 26th May. 2003.

Summertime, and the living is easy

"No Frills"

28th June. 2003

The 'Shiners indulge in yet another steamy weekend.

Much Marcle steam rally

20th July. 2003

Mudskipper madness and mayhem.

Welland steam rally

26th July. 2003

Roll up - get yer rusty old shite here

Wistanstow classic show

28th March. 2004

Another weekend of fun and frolics.

Haberdasher's Arms and the "biker's breakfast" meeting.

4th April. 2004

Go grab a grasshopper

Welland steam rally

23rd July.  2004

Harleys and Caterpillars - who could ask for anything more ?

Ollie's birthday bash.

19th June.  2004

Manic mudpluggers in action

Pre-65 Trial

30th January.  2005

Putrid purple Guzzi meets little green Guzzi

Wistanstow classic show

20th March. 2005

Dammed if I do - dammed if I don't

Easter camping weekend

26th March. 2005

Nice colours - shame about the rain

Rhayader and the dams

October 2005

Fun and frolics in the frost

Classic trial

December 2005

Outings and aboutings - or summat like that

"Outings and aboutings"

April, May, June   -   2006

The famous four go frolicking

The Bryn Tail lead mine - June - 2006

Hot enough to roast an Eagle

Welland steam rally.

28th July  -  2006

Bugger - no petrol

Wales and Porlock - August 2006

More gadding about in foreign parts

Manx Grand Prix

August bank holiday.  2006

More Bullets than you can shake a stick at

Wistanstow classic show

25th March.  2007

Dams, beer, sheep, what more can you want ?

Easter 2007 - Rhayader & The E&T.

Rain, rain and more rain.  Did I mention the rain ?

Rhayader once again

25th May - 2007

Ooer - My bottom end is all sloppy.

Manx Grand Prix

August bank holiday.  2007

Half size engines - half size rally

Welland steam rally

21st September - 2007

Half a dozen Moonshiners sally forth

Wistanstow bike show.

30th March - 2008

A few weekends away - with added steam

A few weekends away.      

E and T  --  Klondyke steam party  --  Royal Enfield open day

May - June - 2008

Mid-Summer at the Haberdasher's Arms

Pete and Olwyn's wedding & Summer Solstice party.

21st June - 2008

Back to the proper time - and proper weather

Welland steam rally

25th - 27th July  - 2008

We go bomb hugging

Cold War exhibition.

RAF Cosford

14th December.  2008

A most enjoyable week or so.


May bank holiday.  2009

It ain't that the club has stopped doing anything - it's a case of me being stopped from doing anything.

Due to some careless blind tit in a car almost taking off my left leg, I can't go camping any longer.


Ok, so I can't go camping, but that ain't to say there are some things I can do, so let's concentrate

on those instead, shall we ?

A most enjoyable week or so.

Rhayader - 

a weekend bed and breakfast


January.  2012

July 2016


Well - as you can see, this page has not been updated for a good four years now.

This is not because the Moonshiners don't do things as a club these days, but more because the things they do does not include motorcycles.

For the last few years the club has gone over to Ypres in Belgium, but this is more of a social outing than a motorcycle orientated event.


Well - in true "Moonshiners" fashion, no sooner had I wrote this, a few of us actually met up on a Sunday  morning and went out

on motorcycles . . . to Founders Day at Stanford Hall.

Rather than a dedicated write up - here's a link to my "photograph of the week" page which has links to both video and photographs of the event.


A most enjoyable week or so.


Founders Day at Stanford Hall