Photograph of the week.

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A bit like it says really.  I'll try and post one picture taken during the week.  Along with the picture I'll post the relevant entry from my diary for that day, or something similar. 

  Sooner or later, I will forget to take a picture, or nothing exciting will have happened during the week - ah well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.



  1.   January 4th - the Donington classic bike show. 

  2.   January 10th - more B33 fettling.

  3.   January 17th - strange noises from the primary side

  4.   January 24th -  the off road show at Telford

  5.   January 31st - bed and breakfast weekend at Rhayader


  6.   February 7th - the B33 gets ever nearer to being on the road

  7. February 14th - The bike show at Shepton Mallet

  8.   February 21st - a 1960s theme weekend on the Severn Valley Railway

  9.   February 28th  -  The B33 goes out for the first time.


  10.   March 7th.  -  The 30-bobber takes a run, the TCT gets pulled apart.

  11.   March 14th.  -  The Moonshiners rally - and the sun did shine.

  12.   March 22nd  -  The black B31 goes to the Real Classic show at Malvern.

  13.   March 29th  -  Some brave fellow hanging around above the Long Mynd.


  14.   April 5th  -  The "30-bobber" takes a scenic run to the seaside.

  15.   April 12th  -  The "Big Red Ugly Bike" changes colour.

  16.   April 19th  -  The Bullet goes Welsh . . . . .  Dam[n] !

  17.   April 26th  -  The B.R.U.B goes to Stafford.


  18.   May 3rd  -  A bit of a walk.  That tower is further away than it looks.

  19.   May 9th  -  Once again, we are on top of Porlock Hill.

  20.   May 15th  -  A view from work, looking over Lion Farm Estate.

  21.   May 23rd  -  The B33 goes on another test run . . . .  oh dear.

  22. May 30th  -  More B33 fettling - and more snags . . some solved and some found.


  23.   June 6th  -  The "Back from the dead - again" rally.  A rather wet weekend.

  24. June 13th  -  The UK-DOG rally.  10 years since the Drifter hit the market.

  25.   June 21st  -  Oh dear - it's me, lurking in the kitchen.

  26.   June 28th  -  The "30-bobber" and the B33 sit happily in the sunshine.


  27.   July 4th  -  The classic Japanese bike show at Uttoxeter.

  28.   July 12th  -  The iron bridge at, funnily enough, Ironbridge.

  29.   July 19th  -  A look at the old BSA works - then over to the Ton-Up day at Jacks Hill Cafe.

  30.   July 25th  -  The Welland steam rally.


  31.   August 2nd  -  I mount a camera on my helmet ( Ooer Missus ).

  32.   August 9th  -  I try out my new tent, and take the TCT for a 200+  mile run through Wales.

  33.   August 16th  -  I take the TCT down to Porlock, again.

  34.   August 24th  -  Once again, I end up down at Porlock.  Getting to be a bit of a habit.

  35.   August 30th  -  Time to hide in the trees.



  36.   September 6th  -  A day spent at the classic scramble, Hanbury, near Bromsgrove.

  37.   September 13th.  -  A most glorious few day in the Lake District.

  38.   September 20th.  -  A wild ferocious critter is spotted in the garden.

  39.   September 25th  -  The B33 visits the Elan Valley dams.


  40.   October 4th  -  A trip around the Cotswolds.

  41.   October 10th.  I take the "30-bobber" out for dinner.

  42.   October 17th.  The B33 goes out and about.

  43.   October 24th.  The Severn Valley Railway has a brand new locomotive on loan for a while - you can't see it here.

  44.   October 29th.  A B33 tree - and the fruit it bears.

Due to some careless driver hitting me and almost removing my left leg, I'm afraid this is where we have to end things.

Let's hope next year will be better.