Photograph of the week.

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A bit like it says really.  I'll try and post one picture taken during the week.  Along with the picture I'll post the relevant entry from my diary for that day, or something similar. 

  Seeing as I was in hospital until February 12th, then unable to get out and about until the end of March, this page will start on the month of May.



  1.    May 3rd  -  Hampton Loade station, on the Severn Valley Railway.

  2.   May 9th  -  Once again down at the Severn Valley Railway.  This time for a 1960s theme day.

  3.   May 15th  -  Went to the pumping station at Millmeece.  Large flywheels were the order of the day.

  4.   May 23rd  -  Bridgnorth station, then onwards to the cafe for dinner.

  5.   May 30th  -  A bit of Royal Enfield fettling.


  6.   June 6th  -  A rather scary critter hides on the garage wall.

  7.   June 12th  -  An evening run over to Bridgnorth station.

  8.   June 20th  -  A bit of work on DOT, then party time.

  9.   June 27th  -  DOT returns to the site of my last pre-accident photograph.   



  10.   July 3rd  -  A bit of fun with a high revving BSA single.

  11.   July 11th  -  Privet, how very exciting.

  12.   July 18th  -  We lift the top off DOT.

  13.   July 25th  -  An epic journey - at least 75 miles.

  14.   July 31st  -  I whip my tool out and save the day.


  15.   August 8th  -  More steam powered madness.

  16.   August 15th  -  Steam, bikes and oatcakes - it doesn't get much better.

  17.   August 22nd  -  Eighteen cylinder pressure charged two stroke diesel engines - what a glorious sound.

  18.   August 30th  -  DOT ventures as far as Wales.


  19.   September 5th  -  When simple jobs go wrong . . . . .

  20.   September 12th  -  A weekend of DOT fettling

  21.   September 19th  -  DOT gets ever nearer being healthy again.

  22.   September  26th  -  A cure is found for "Lack of cafe syndrome"


  23.   October  3rd  -  When is a back wheel not a back wheel ?   When it's a front wheel - oops.

  24.   October 10th  -  DOT is all happy again, and heads for a day out.

  25.   October 17th  -  DOT has a new four wheeled friend.

  26.   October 24th  - Cold but bright, time to head for the cafe.

  27.   October 31st  -  This year I don't have an accident, and even get to Malvern.


  28.   November 6th  -  The Tiger Coloured Trike snaps a cable.

  29.   November 13th  -  A ukulele wielding manic runs amok at Knighton.

  30.   November 21st  -  A rather chilly ride, which ended up with me getting chilli for dinner.

  31.   November  28th  -  Ooer - a bit of a snow job.


  32.   December 5th  -  The snow takes over.

  33.   December 11th  -  The Drifter emerges from the garage.

  34.   December 19th  -  Just when you thought it was safe to go outside.

  35.   December 25th  -  Oh look, it's last year's Christmas present.