Easter sneaks upon us yet again.  The plan was to head up North Wales and join those jolly Principles for a beer festival / camping weekend.  Ah, the best laid plans of Moonshiners and men . . . . yep - the good old British weather foiled us again.  The field we use up at the beer festival was flooded, so the Principles had to cancel the weekend.  This left  us with a problem.  Where can we go ?  The foot and mouth epidemic has 'closed' a few venues, we didn't fancy a rally, so the good old fall back came into play.  The Engine and Tender.
    Friday saw a band of intrepid ( insipid ? ) Moonshiners heading for the Shropshire - Wales border...  Well, we just had to hit the cafe first.

  They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . . so here's 12 thousand word's worth.

 Kath the custard beast. Archie and Gordon - a fearsome / fearless combination. Roy gets in a tangle Don't look Ethel - - - Too late. . . . . . . You git your clothes on. Don't do it Roy. Are you sure those are crabs?  They look more like lobsters. Kev "Kenny Everett" Corbett. Go get 'em Tiger. Currently appearing on crimewatch. The plot thickens. Burke and Hare - Laurel and Hardy - Wallace and Gromit ?    No, it's Firkin and Gordon. Kath grabs a toyboy.