Another bank holiday weekend already.  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun ?
The original plan was to head for the coast but a few folks were worried about the cost seeing as the site owner bunged the price up last time, so the good old Engine and Tender came to the rescue.  By early Friday evening I rolled up at the E and T only to find the place was already packed.  It seems several historic re-enactment societies had got a bit of a bash on over at Stokesay Castle.  Not having a historical bent, so to speak, we gave that a miss.

It looks quite smart in the dark.  

  Friday night saw myself and Kev down at the Kangaroo, which we thought would be quieter and less packed than the E and T.  Wrong - there was a disco and birthday party going on.  Before too long, Kella and Roy joined us before the four of us headed back to the E and T.
    Kev's bike looked quite smart - in the dark.  Too much polishing methinks.

    Saturday, and even more faces turned up - even if some of them did only stay for one night.  The same bunch of folks who were there last year, making much musical mayhem, decided to put in an appearance this year, so I spent the night playing the ol' whistle and generally having a good time - even if the place was packed.
    The "Beer Monster" managed to attack certain people, rendering them incapable of spelling the word "Pianist".  The less said about that, the better.

Let this be a lesson to you all.   Very sage advice indeed.    

Sunday was spent lazing around, which is a good a way as any to spend a Sunday.
    The usual places were visited - Harry Tuffin's market - Church Stoke - and, of course, the pub.  It was in the pub that the  "Three Wise Moonshiners"  were spotted.  Personally I think the term "Wise Moonshiners" is an oxymoron - well, some kind of moron anyway.
    Despite the met. office's promise of rain, the weekend stayed remarkably dry, which is unusual for a British bank holiday.

    Monday morning - those words that normally I dislike, but when the Monday morning involves riding back through the Shropshire countryside, then I suppose it ain't' too bad.

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