Principle R.C.

Fifth Rally.

9th - 10th - 11th June. 2000.

    Once again the Principle R.C. were holding this rally up at the Shady Oak.  Now seeing as the pub had recently changed hands, a few of 'our lot' ventured up there the previous weekend to check out the new gaffer.  Everything seemed OK, apart from the grass hadn't been cut for a few months, the pub closed dead on time and the food was a little expensive, to say the least.
    I set off Friday afternoon seeing as I was on holiday from work.  I was still feeling rather 'delicate' following my bout of food poisoning on Wednesday.  If there's one thing you don't need when camping, it's a good dose of the shits - - Trust me on this !
    The field was filling up nicely by the time I arrived.  Most people were parking outside the pub and carrying their gear onto the grass, which is one of the drawbacks with the Shady Oak.  A level field would be nice, but you can't have everything.


 It looked as though we were going to win 'club turnout', eighteen members  had pre booked tickets, and a few 'forgot' and turned up on the day.
    Friday night's 'entertainment', was that star of stage and screen, that most beloved of thespians, the man himself - Johnny Emms.


    John sang a poignant, sad, haunting ballad concerning three Jews, from Jerusalem, who, following some kind of accident involving a cliff edge and a motor coach, were rushed to the infirmary and treated by Dr. Hitchcock.  Stirring stuff.  Many other such 'goodies' followed until the crowd begged him to stop - some of the crowd had begged him not to begin, but to no avail.  

For a truly awful version of

Three Jews from Jerusalem

Click above.

    Saturday morning, and the plan was to head towards the coast.  Sadly things did not go quite according to plan.  The dreaded "Hangover Monster" had savaged several people.  Either that or they were suffering from post Johnny Emms traumatic stress disorder.
    Myself, being made of sterner stuff  { or because I didn't get pissed  } headed out for a run to the coast anyway.  It was a pity I didn't hang on a while longer, it seems a couple of our members decided to try their hand at canoeing, with the inevitable result.  One of them ended up in the canal.  I only hope someone had a camera to hand.  Of course, I won't be naming the individual concerned, let's just say one of his favourite sayings is
"Gold Wing riders don't get wet"
    My little ride around the coast went well.  The weather was most kind and by the time I returned most folks were cooking tea.  Now that's what I call good timing.


Some folks can even manage to pack picnic tables on their bikes, along with a tent that is the size of a small European country. 

    Saturday night saw us in the pub once again, where much silliness ensued.  Along with the inimitable Mr. Emms, several people were doing silly things.
    For some strange reason, there was a canoe sticking out of a certain tent.  I'm still wondering about the significance of this event - 'cos I've got a feeling that it was jutting out of the *wrong* tent.  I bet someone had a shock when they went to bed that night.


  Sometimes, words are just not enough. 

    Yes - we did win the club turnout, along with another trophy won by *young* Mark, for being the youngest ralliest, this being the third year running he has won this award.  Are there no young folks taking up biking any more ?
    The Principle R.C. members did a grand job, as always.  There was free tea and coffee all weekend, and they arranged breakfasts at the pub for a reasonable 3.  I did notice that very few, and I mean *FEW* people bothered with the pub food, which considering the massive price increase, was hardly surprising.  The Shady Oak used to be one of those pubs we Moonshiners used on a regular basis, and the kitchen was always busy.  Maybe the new owners will realize that far more folks will eat if the price is reasonable.

    As our friend Mr. Emms puts it :-

" Now we have to finish it"

"fini - fini - fini - - shit - shit - shit"   

    Sunday morning, and indeed we have to finish it.  Another Principle's rally over and done.  Another wonderful weekend of fun and frolics.  Good beer, good company, and a damn good laugh.
    Thanks to all the Principle R.C. members who organized this weekend, and thanks also to Johnny Emms for demonstrating some of the amazing things you can do with your organ.



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