The jolly fellow at the Met. office said the weekend was going to be one great mass of rain and other such nastiness.  It seems the man at the Met. was talking rubbish !
    Friday was indeed wet up until early evening, then the clouds broke and the sun poked out.  This was good enough for me, so I loaded up the trike & 'dog kennel' and set off with Bucka.  We made fairly good progress, with a few stops due to Bucka's carb icing up.
    Kath and Roy were already at the E & T, and had been there since Wednesday.
As you can imagine, the rest of Friday night was spent quietly in the pub - well - as quiet as the juke box would allow.

    By Saturday, a fair few more Moonshiners had rolled up.

Looks like Roy and Kath were 'dog sitting' for the weekend. " Whaddaya mean - Woof ? " More misguided Moonshiners lazing in the sun. Lil grows a turban.

Short and sweet wasn't it ?

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