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        Where to begin ?   This is a 'potted history' of the last few weekends away.  Most of it involved club members in one way or another.  We've been down to Rhayader at least three times this year, so let's start off with a few pictures from around the dams, and the roads around the Devil's Staircase.

The long and winding road        The road leading to the Devil's Staircase


One dam - full to capacity

    Next was a small, local steam rally which had an extra attraction . . .  lawnmower racing.  

I can thoroughly recommend this insane sport.

One man went to mow . . . .

   A pleasant couple of days were spent down at Porlock again.

Porlock twixt the posts             Porlock Weir

   Now just for a change, Roy and myself headed for Newark, and a rally of a different kind.  OK, so petrol may have been involved, but so was paraffin and methylated spirits.  This was a gathering of "stovies" and that other breed of Primus powered person, the "lampie".   The only thing needed for entrance to this particular event was a passion for paraffin powered devices.  And a most enlightening weekend it was too, in every sense of the word.

Praise be  -   -    I saw the light    -   say no more                                              


Right - that's what we've been up to for the last few months. 

Not so many bike rallies, but more weekends away.