Classic trial.


27th December.  2005.

        Normally Tigers and frost mean breakfast cereal - They're Great !

A fellow riding a trials bike - just what we were in search of.

    A classic trial seems just as good a way as any to end the year's motorcycling activities, so a bright and early start was the order of the day.  Seems like the frost had the same idea, with the air temperature sitting at a cool minus three degrees by the time we arrived at Mucklestone.  Luckily there was a large makeshift tent containing a Salamander heater and coffee making facilities - the very thing we were looking for.

It might look like a Christmas card, but take it from me - that stuff is bleedin' cold

Warmth - coffee - lunatic trials riders.

   As per normal for these events, there were all manner of bikes taking part - from  pristine, original machines, to bikes that had been built out of whatever could be found at the time, but the one thing they had in common was they were all being put to use.  By the end of the day each bike looked the same colour - a mixture of mud, mud, and even more mud.

Soon to be muddier than a second hand mudskipper

It didn't stay this shiny for long

    The course consisted of ten sections, with each rider making four laps.  Some sections were better whilst the frost held the mud together, and some sections got easier as more riders covered them, so all in all, it works out fair in the long run.  With an eleven o'clock start, it took until around one for all riders to finish, and considering the cold, I'm glad it didn't take much longer.  Folks then gathered in the tent for a cuppa and the drawing of the raffle - we ended up with various prizes between us.  By half past two, we were heading for home - and another most enjoyable event tucked under our belts.

   What goes up MUST come down.

A flying B.S.A. - now that's novel.