Cold War Exhibition.

RAF Cosford.

14th December.  2008.

    It's cold, it's grey, but it's dry, with no ice or frost.  That's good enough for me.  I dig the "30-bobber" out - a 1960 BSA, 350cc, B31.  Not the fastest thing in the world, but it does the job well.  I meet up with Andy, who's using his Suzuki Van-Van, a 125cc, four stroke single. which is more than capable of keeping with my old cast iron slug.  Following a most uneventful trip through Wolverhampton, we arrive at the Spider's Web cafe just before eleven o'clock.  Three more folks are there waiting, Archie, Bones and Andy V.  A few minutes later and yet another one turns up, this time it's John.  Another two join us whilst we were feeding - Janice and Martin.  Right - having fed, we set off on the epic journey to RAF Cosford.  Due to the railway bridge being closed, we were forced to take the long way round.  Almost two miles we had to cover in order to get there.

The Moonshiner's ground crew.   Andy V - John - Scrote - Archie - Bones - Janice - Martin

Considering it was a dull Sunday, just before Christmas, I was quite surprised at how quiet it was there.  I would have expected a fair few kids to have been there but no, it was extremely peaceful. . . or it was until we got there.  We just had to "hug the bomb"

Love me, love my bomb.

There's certainly enough here to keep you occupied for hours.  I ain't exactly an aeroplane anorak, but I found it to be most interesting.  There again, any excuse to peer into the workings of engines.  Just for good measure, they did have a BSA there.  A B40 - one of BSA's finest unit construction 350cc singles.  Not my cup of tea, but nice to see it all the same.

We did have a bit of a 'moment' when a rather large jet engine tried to eat one of our members.  We managed to save him before he got sucked off into oblivion - or something like that.

Careful - that engine will suck you off.

I did ask some of our members what they thought of it all, but as you can see: Archie didn't hear anything, John wouldn't tell me anything  and Bones didn't see anything.  Bloody typical Moonshiners.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil . . . . . bloody typical.

We just had to stop and eat again - good job there's more than one cafe / snack bar / shop, in this place.  We wandered around happily until about three o'clock, then decided to make a move before it got too dark and cold for comfort.  I must admit, it felt a lot warmer going back than it did coming here.

There we have it.  A good a way as any to spend a cold Sunday in December.  I dare say we will visit here again, I mean, any excuse to ride the bike and eat breakfast.

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