Easter camping weekend - Rhayader

26th March - 2005

    Easter again, and as per normal some folks are off camping, some folks are off watching the racing and some folks ain't doing anything in particular.  I fell into the latter category, and, seeing as the weather was rather mild and sunny, decided to take the little green Guzzi down to the Engine and Tender to see how the rest of the club were doing.  After passing the aftermath of a rather nasty accident on 'the longest road in the world'  ( it's the B4368 from Morville to Craven Arms - only 18 miles, but it seems much further ) I arrived at the site.  In true Moonshiner fashion it seemed like no one was quite sure of who was doing what.  Pete had just set off back home to pick Roy up, seeing as Roy's head gasket had gone.  Gord and Kev were packing up and heading for the dams at Elan Valley, Firkin was missing, presumed fishing, and the rest of the club were either coming tomorrow or doing other things.  Now if there's one thing I love doing, it's riding my bike.  What better excuse do I need.  Head back home, load the camping gear on the bike, then head for the dams at Rhayader . . . so, some 200 odd miles later, I turned up at Rhayader and promptly set up the tent.  Needless to say, the remainder of the day was spent in one of the numerous pubs that Rhayader has to offer.

   Hmm - Sunday morning, and the weather had taken a turn on the chilly side.  Still dry, even if it was a tad cooler.  A scenic trip around the dams was the order of the day, and just as we were about to set off, up rolls Firkin.  Now there were four of us heading towards the dams.

The gruesome twosome


Gordon opted for the back of Kev's trike, and there he perched, video camera in hand as we trundled around the lakeside roads.

Damn - err, I mean Dam . . .  there's a dam behind you.

Once again, the little green Guzzi spent a few hours making wonderful single cylinder noises around the Elan Valley.

Something nasty lurks amongst the trees

   As you can well imagine, the day was once more rounded off by visiting the various pubs in the village.

   Monday morning, and sadly I had to be at work the next day.  So, after loading the bike up, I headed back home, this time via the Engine and Tender, where Pete, Ollie and Roy were just packing up in order to head for Rhayader.  I made my way down into Craven Arms and stopped for dinner, before once again heading along the 'longest road in the world' and home.  I did toy with the idea of dropping in on the Red Marley hill climb, but it would have been well into the afternoon by the time I'd have got there, so I just took a steady ride back home instead.

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