The Engine and Tender - yet again.

    Seeing as the trike had been blessed with new brake drums, shoes, wheel cylinders and all the other bits and bobs that make the thing stop, I decided to "put it to the test" and promptly set off.  Excellent weather and quiet roads made the journey quite pleasant.
    This was to be a few days of just relaxing and doing a bit of riding around, with the odd bout of eating and drinking throw in for good measure.

  Oh look.  A big red shiny thing, up in the sky.

Rather a glorious sunset - what a grand way to end the day.

  Gordon sprouts a few leaves.

The less said about this, the better.

  Up we go.

The steep and narrow road that leads to the top of the Long Mynd - well worth it when you get to the top.  The views are magnificent.

  The somewhat spectacular view from the top of the Long Mynd

A drop to the left - this is as near to flying as you can get whilst riding a trike.

    Short and sweet, wasn't it ?  I won't go into gory details about who got legless - who ended up with outrageous spiked hair styles - who managed to break the trike footrests - and all the other little "incidents" that make up a camping weekend.

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