Visit the Engine and Tender - once again.

    Following what can only be politely described ( for myself )  as a 'bad' week - or more correctly described as a completely upsetting and stressful week, a total bastard of a week, the best thing to do is head away from it all for a couple of days.  Or in the case of the Moonshiners, take it all with us for a couple of days.  The Engine and Tender was to be our intended victim once again, and by mid Friday afternoon I had set up camp and awaited the others.  In true Moonshiner fashion, the others arrived. So we did what 'Shiners do best, namely went to the pub down the road.  Why is it, that if we camp at the Kangaroo then we walk up to the E and T for a pint, but if we camp at the E and T, we go for a drink down at the Kangaroo ?  Bloody daft, if you ask me ! 

    Saturday seemed to be filled with minor mishaps - Pete the feet managed to fall ( ever so gracefully ) from his Gold Wing - - fortunately there was no damage to the 'Wing or Pete.  Kev's Suzuki managed to destroy its regulator / rectifier and Roy twisted his knee whilst pushing Kev's bike.  I, being ever sensible, kept well away from all this mayhem and amused myself by touring the Shropshire countryside.

Some people will do anything to save money.    

The rest of Saturday was spent just sitting on the grass and taking life as it came - which was probably for the best.
    Sunday morning, and the 'very nice man' from the A.A. came and took Kev and his bike away.
What a 'very nice man'.
I wonder if he could oblige more often ?
- -  We' be willing to pay ! 

And now, as they used to say on "Vision On" . . . . .

The Gallery. 

Chrome won't get you home . . . . . . . but the A.A. will.

Kev's award winning Suzuki Intruder. This week's award was for "Worst rectifier".

What would Richard Attenborough make of this ?

And through the bushes we can spy the elusive Bucka.

Actually, I'm a handsome prince. .                      ..NO ... I won't kiss you.

Spot the frog.

Spot is such a silly name for a frog.

Like groovy man.  Far out.  Dig that fab scene . .  and other such 1960's bollocks.

No one told Roy that flower power went out in the 60s.

Hello Petal.

Nothing to do with bikes.  I just liked it - that's all.

Is this what owning a Jap bike does to you ?

Pete the feet - doing an impression of a Japanese sniper.

Pete defies gravity - for a while.

Pete and his 'Wing in an unusually upright position.

Sometimes words fail me.

Roy's rig.

Ok - all very nice.

Now get me back to